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  • Bin Collection

    The standard minimum compulsory kerbside bins for those residents on the collection route are 1 x 120 litre garbage, 1 x 240 litre recycling and 1 x 240 litre green waste bin. The larger 240 litre garbage bin is only available to those residents with special circumstances.

  • Electronic Waste

    Electronic waste or ‘e-waste’ is no longer allowed in kerbside garbage bins. There is now a national ban on e-waste going to landfill.

  • Transfer Stations

    Find the locations of all our transfer stations and landfill, and also bin collection schedules.

  • Hard and Green Waste Coupons

    Each property that receives kerbside garbage and recycling service will receive two hard waste/green waste coupons with their rates notice.

  • Hard Waste Collection

    Latrobe City Council’s free hard waste collection service is ONLY available to residents who live in declared garbage collection areas which have a kerbside Bin Collection.

  • Green and Garden Waste Disposal

    Green waste disposal fees depends on the size of trailer or vehicle.Soil, logs greater than 10cm diameter cannot be taken to Latrobe City Council green waste facilities.

  • Responsible Waste Disposal

    Asbestos & Fibreglass insulation disposal, Hazardous waste disposal, sharps/ syringe disposal and Electronic Waste.

  • Landfill

    The landfill is for disposal of waste that cannot be recycled or composted. It is a critical part of our community's waste management infrastructure. 

  • Street Sweeping

    Residential streets are swept three times a year. During autumn, streets with heavy leaf fall are swept weekly. Central business district streets are swept three times a week.

  • Shopping Trolleys

    Shopping trolleys not returned to their owner are considered litter.

  • Dirt and Soil disposal

    Domestic quantities of dirt or soil can be taken to Morwell transfer station only

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