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Latrobe City is made up of four central townships: Churchill, Moe-Newborough, Morwell and Traralgon and  the smaller rural townships of Boolarra, Glengarry, Toongabbie, Tyers, Traralgon-South, Yallourn North and Yinnar.  Council’s path assets underpin the community’s ability to gain pedestrian access properties and to move around Latrobe City.

The Latrobe City path network seeks to provide a safe environment where community members can gain pedestrian access (including the use of mobility devices), bicycle access or enjoy recreational exercise through walking and/or cycling.

The service provides for: 

  • Access to activity centres and community precincts
  • Access within activity centres and community precincts
  • Linkage with public transport
  • Access within and between local neighbourhoods
  • Recreational walking/cycling within towns and, to a limited extent;
  • Recreational walking/cycling between townships.

Where there are no footpaths or shared paths this service is provided upon road shoulder or along the roadside verges.

Path Asset Management Plan

The Path Asset Management Plan (PAMP) is to assist with decision-making related to Council’s existing path infrastructure, to present asset information, and to predict the financial requirements for the long-term provision of the path assets.

The plan presents Council’s strategic approach based on balancing the community’s desired service levels with Council’s ability to provide the service.  

Council defines standards and service levels to be delivered in accordance with user needs, regulations, industry practice and legislative codes of practice.

Traralgon to Morwell Shared Pathway project

The construction of the Traralgon to Morwell Shared Path project has now been fully funded by TAC’s Safer Cycling and Pedestrian Fund and the Federal government’s Community development fund. Total cost of the project is $4.55 million.

The project includes the original Traralgon to Morwell shared path alignment, and also two further sections. The first section starts at the Morwell Railway Station to Morwell Civic Gardens (Kernot Hall) and a second section which connects from Alexanders Road through to the Latrobe Regional Hospital.

You can view the current progress of the project in the Neighbourhood Navigator

The project will be constructed in the following key stages:

Stage 1A

Morwell Railway Station to McDonald Street Morwell – This section has been completed.

Stage 1B

McDonald Street Morwell to Kernot Hall Morwell – Footpath completed, some minor site tidying up required.

Stage 1C

Kernot Hall to Waterhole Creek shared path – This section has been completed.

Stage 1D

McDonald Street and Princes Drive Intersection – Works completed to install a new pedestrian signalised crossing which connects stages 1A and 1B.

Stage 2

Waterhole Creek (Crinigan Road Morwell) to Alexanders Road Morwell – This section has been completed.

Stage 3A

Alexanders Road to Old Melbourne Road – This section has been completed, however the pedestrian rail crossing over the Australian Paper Rail Line has experienced delays which Council officers are working through with Australian Paper and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator, currently a gate blocks this section of the path to protect users from the rail line. The pedestrian refuge on Alexanders Road to connect this stage to Crinigan Road (Stage 2) is also yet to be completed and is pending the rail crossing works.

Stage 3B

Alexanders Road to Latrobe Regional Airport – This sections has been completed and the link to the new Latrobe Regional Hospital footpath is now in place.

Stage 4

Old Melbourne Road (Western boundary of Latrobe Regional Airport) to Coonoc Road Traralgon – This section has been completed except for 3 of the 4 boardwalks which are currently under construction and will hopefully be completed in late April 2020. Council does ask that users of the path do avoid these boardwalks as they are still under construction

Stage 5

Old Melbourne Road (Coonoc Rd Traralgon) to Kay Street shared path – This section has been completed.

For further information phone Civil Works Projects 1300 367 700

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