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  • Our Region

    More information regarding Latrobe City History, the Latrobe Regional Airport, Free WiFi locations across the municipality, moving to Latrobe City and a snapshot of our region can be found here. 

  • Invest in Latrobe

    Latrobe City Council is working to ensure the municipality has a sustainable future by diversifying the industry and businesses already here, attracting newcomers, while supporting existing operators.

  • Roads, Drains, Lights and Trees

    Latrobe City Council is responsible for maintaining roads, bridges and footpath. More information can be found here along with street light and tree maintenance information. 

  • Facilities and Venues

    Latrobe City Council operates a wide range of facilities; more information can be found through our facility directory. Traffic school, Sports and Leisure facilities and Venue hire information can also be found here.

  • Permits, Fines and Local Laws

    Information regarding Fines and permits including Disabled Parking Permits, footpath Trading permits, Septic tank Permits, Permits to busk and Private Parking Agreements can be found here. 

  • Sister Cities

    Latrobe City Council has committed to an International Relations Program for our community, for the purpose of international exchange and cooperation across a wide array of fields.

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