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Community Programs

  • Community Safety

    Areas our community highlighted as important to be able to achieve a healthy, safe, vibrant and connected community.

  • Cultural diversity

    Latrobe City recognises and celebrates our proud and diverse history, continuing to enable and welcome the ongoing contribution of people from culturally diverse backgrounds in enriching our community.

  • Emergency Relief Network of Latrobe City

    In Opperation since 2008 ERNLaC Network members provide short term help to Latrobe City residents who are experiencing financial crisis.

  • Community Access and Inclusion

    Community Access & Inclusion aims to help people feel valued and provides opportunities to participate in their community.

  • Refugee Welcome Zone

    Latrobe City has been declared a Refugee Welcome Zone.

  • Family Violence

    The Latrobe City Council Plan articulates Council’s objective to provide a connected, engaged and safe community environment which is improving the well-being of all Latrobe City Citizens.

  • Youth Council

    If you have energy and ideas about how to make Latrobe City a better place for young people, Youth Council is for you.

  • Social Inclusion Action Group

    The Latrobe City SIAG is made up of community members who understand how being isolated or excluded can impact mental health and wellbeing.

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