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Rates Payment Options and Due Dates

There are two main ways to pay your rates:

  1. Pay in full by 15 February (current financial year).
  2. Pay in 4 instalments – First payment must be made by 30 September (current financial year).

Smaller, more frequent instalments can also be made on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis by Direct Debit.  Obtain a Direct Debit Request form below.

When to pay

Pay in full Pay in 4 instalments
Total rates and charges: due 15 February (current financial year)

Instalment 1: due 30 September (current financial year) Instalment 2: due 30 November (current financial year) Instalment 3: due 28 February (current financial year) Instalment 4: due 31 May (current financial year)

If you are having difficulty paying on time, please ensure you contact the Property and Rates team as soon as possible to arrange a payment plan and avoid additional charges.

Payment Options


To obtain a refund, please submit a rates refund application

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