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Hard and Green Waste Coupons

Each property that receives kerbside garbage and recycling service will receive two hard waste/green waste coupons with their rates notice.

Please note that as your previous years coupon expires on 31 July and rates notices are often not delivered until the end of August, please plan your use of coupons accordingly.

The system does not allow the use of coupons (for the new year) to be used prior to the rates notices being issued.

Use your coupons to do one of the following:

  • Dispose of up to one cubic metre per coupon of acceptable hard waste.
  • Dispose of up to one cubic metre per coupon of acceptable green waste
  • Dispose of up to one cubic metre of hard waste and one cubic metre of green waste

*Please note - disposal of one mattress requires a full coupon, and if wanting to dispose of a bed base as well this will require an extra coupon.

Disposal of a three-seater couch requires one full coupon.

The coupon system is for household hard waste that cannot be put into wheelie bins, and is not hazardous.

Check the list of materials not accepted as hard waste.

What if I live in a leased property?

Latrobe City Council intends for the tenants of leased properties to be provided with the coupons by their landlord, enabling the tenant to maintain the property as required by the conditions of the tenancy agreement.

If you are in private rental, please contact your Real Estate Agent or landlord. If you are a tenant within Public Housing or Community Housing, phone Council on 1300 367 700.

What if I don’t have a trailer but want to use a coupon?

Use your coupons with help from a friend, family member or neighbour to take your waste to any of Latrobe City Council’s transfer stations or green waste facilities with your coupon. You will need to present your coupon/s at the appropriate facility. Council cannot provide loan or hire trailers for this purpose.

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