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Planning Fees


Most of these fees are a summary of the fees prescribed under the Planning & Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016 and are not a complete representation of the regulations. Reference should be made to the Regulations to obtain the complete wording of individual fee regulations.

Permit applications for more than one class

An application-for or to-amend more than one class of permit above table will cost the sum of:

  • The highest of the fees which would have applied if separate applications were made; and
  • 50% of each of the other fees which would have applied if separate

Amending an application after notice has been given

Section 57A – Request to amend an application either S.47 or S.72 after notice has been given under the Planning and Environment Act 1987

  • 40% of the application fee for that class of permit or amendment to permit; and
  • Where the class of application is changing to a new class of higher application fee, the difference between the fee for the application to be amended and the fee for new class.

Other matters

Type of Application


Written planning advice requests (per response – minor application)


Written planning advice requests (per response – major application)


Endorsed plans: Plans to be endorsed under planning permit conditions


Extension of time (expiry) application


Certificate of compliance under section 97N


For an agreement to a proposal to amend or end an agreement under section 173 of the Act


Where the planning scheme specifies that a matter must be done to the satisfaction of the responsible authority or municipal council


Secondary consent (per permit)


Search for and provide a copy of a Permit

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