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Your Rates

  • Rates and Charges Explained

    Information regarding the three different rate types, municipal charge, garbage charge, Landfill Levy, fire services levy, arrears, interest and legal cost.

  • Property Valuations

    All Victorian properties are revalued every year in January by an independent and qualified valuer appointed by the Valuer-General of Victoria (VGV) who is the sole valuation authority.

  • Rates Objections

    Information regarding rates objections and how to lodge an objection. If your objection is in relation to the application of any differential rate by Council you have a right to lodge an objection within 60 days of the issue date of your Rates Notice.

  • Change Your Contact Details

    If your mailing address or any of your details have changed like your name, contact numbers, or email address you can update your details below. Advising us of your current contact details will ensure you receive your rates notices and other correspondence on time.

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