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  • Tree Planting Trailer

     The trailer is available for loan at no-charge to community groups and individuals who are running native re-vegetation projects in Latrobe City.

  • Native Vegetation Protection

    The free Indigenous Plants of Latrobe City re-vegetation guide provides comprehensive native plant lists for the four planting zones in Latrobe City.

  • Tree Maintenance

    Latrobe City is committed to protecting, enhancing and managing its current tree population for the long-term benefits in which trees provide.

  • Removal of Native Vegetation

    In Victoria, a permit is required to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation. This includes native trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses, some exemptions apply.

  • Significant Tree Register

    The Registry of Significant Trees is of trees under the direct control of Latrobe City Council. 

  • Significant Tree Register - Private Property

    This register aims to provides opportunity for the community and its members to become actively involved in identifying Significant trees within Latrobe City Council municipality.

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