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Latrobe City Councillors participate on a range of committees that have different purposes and functions.

Committees play a significant role in managing and maintaining council facilities. They also provide an opportunity for community members and organisations to contribute to the development of Council plans and strategies by providing information, advice and feedback.
Committee appointments are reviewed on an annual basis. At the Council Meeting on 4th of December 2023, Council appointed Councillor delegates to the various committees detailed below, These appointments are usually reviewed on an annual basis:
Councillor appointments may be made to:

Community Asset Committees

  • Community Asset Committees are created under the Local Government Act 2020 for the purpose of managing community assets in the municipal district. A Community Asset Committee is able to exercise powers of Council included in its Instrument of Sub-Delegation
  • Community Asset Committees of Council include the Latrobe Regional Airport Board

Statutory Committees

  • Committees that are legislated for Council to have in place
  • Statutory Committees include the Audit and Risk Committee and the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

Advisory Committees

  • Committees created by Council to provide advice only on matters relevant to strategic matters of the Council. They do not have decision making powers of the Council.
  • There are a large number of Advisory Committees including the Latrobe City Tourism and Major Events Advisory Committee and Traralgon CBD Safety Committee.

Other Council Committees and Groups

  • Ongoing meetings that are convened on specific matters by Latrobe City Council as part of engagement initiatives
  • Other Council Committees include the Latrobe Leisure Traralgon Sports Stadium User Group

External Committees

  • Includes appointments to State and Federal Government and other Organisations in regards to issues that can impact the Latrobe City municipality
  • Also includes ongoing strategic relationships that are community or industry-based where the Council has been invited to participate in partnership or as a community advocate
  • External committees include the Gippsland Local Government Network and the Municipal Association of Victoria
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