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64 Bartons Lane, Loy Yang.

Commercial operators or by appointment only

Weighbridge Operator: 0400 506 474

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm 

The landfill is for disposal of waste that cannot be recycled or composted. It is a critical part of our community's waste management infrastructure. The landfill is only open to commercial operators or by appointment. Please refer to the fees page for a full list of acceptable and non-acceptable material.

The Hyland Highway Landfill started operation in May 2009. The site contains 108.8 ha of Hancock Victorian Plantations-owned blue gum and pine plantations which will be progressively harvested until 2016. The areas harvested will be revegetated with indigenous plants, resulting in an area returned to bush. Landfill cells will also be rehabilitated and monitored for many years.

Landfill works approval

On 30/12/2019 Environmental Protection Authority, Victoria (EPA) issued Works Approval to Latrobe City Council to;

“construct an extension to the existing Hyland Highway Landfill for the deposit of putrescible municipal waste, commercial and industrial solid inert waste, pneumatic tyres shredded into pieces <250 mm, and the permanent disposal of asbestos of domestic origin following storage in a designated temporary storage container by the weighbridge prior to placement in the landfill with associated landfill infrastructure“

There was a period of 21 days from the date of issue of Works Approval for interested (third) Parties to appeal against the works approval to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

On 19 February 2019 EPA advised council that EPA have not been advised of any appeals of the Works Approval decision by EPA.

For more information phone Coordinator Landfill Services on 1300 367 700 or email

Consultative committee

Latrobe City Council invites expressions of interest for positions on the Latrobe City Hyland Highway Municipal Landfill Consultative Committee. Committee members have skills and interests in representing our community in relation to the operation, development and rehabilitation of the landfill. The scope of the committee can be found, under the terms of reference. Meetings are held at 5pm on the first Tuesday of every third month in the MacFarlane Burnet Room, Traralgon Service Centre, 34-38 Kay Street Traralgon.

Environment protection

Latrobe City Council operates the landfill under an Environment Protection Authority Victoria licence(PDF, 9MB) that requires environmental monitoring, performance reporting and reporting of any non compliance with licence conditions.

Odour reporting

To report an odour event please complete and return the odour reporting form(DOC, 76KB) Council officers use this information to investigate trends and influencing factors should an odour be reported.

Landfill fees

Commercial operators or by appointment only

  • General waste; $300.00 tonne
  • Clean fill, by prior arrangement and if required; $136.00 tonne
  • Domestic asbestos from Latrobe City residents 1m3 max, with receipt; $66.00 per m3
  • Domestic asbestos from non Latrobe City residents 120kg max, with receipt; $30.00 per 20kg package
  • Commercial asbestos, emergency situation; not accepted
  • Domestic insulation/synthetic mineral fibre in clear bags, with receipt; $40.00 per m3

Not accepted

  • Synthetic mineral fibre, concrete, dead animals, recyclables, green waste
  •  Commercial quantities of insulation/synthetic mineral fibre.
  • Dead animals are no longer accepted. 

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