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Advocating for our Community

Latrobe City 

Through our advocacy we are the voice of our community, working to deliver infrastructure and policy in partnership with other levels of government to meet the current and long-term needs of our Regional City.

We actively engage and work with our community to understand their aspirations and needs, and regularly inform the community about our advocacy activities.

We provide the community with leadership, advocating on agreed priorities to all levels of government Federal and State and work with our local members of parliament to address issues of common concern.

Our advocacy is based on policy and strategy positions that are supported by evidence and data, and is informed by our current 

Advocacy Plan 2021-2025

Advocacy Themes

Latrobe City’s advocacy work is focused on enhancing our regional city’s liveability, economy and overall health. These advocacy themes align with our Council Plan and Community vision.

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  • Smart
    - New jobs and industry
    - Skills and education
  • Creative
    - Arts and creative industries
  • Healthy
    - Health, wellbeing and safety
    - Equality
  • Sustainable
    - Liveability
    - Sustainable industries
    - Environment
  • Connected
    - Connected towns and communities
    - Local and regional transport connections

Advocacy Priorities

Advocacy Projects

In 2022, elections will be held for State and Federal government.  Latrobe City will advocate on behalf of community for a range of priority projects.

Invest in Latrobe’s Transformation - Federal Election Priorities

These projects include:

Liveability and Connectivity

Economy and Employment

Latrobe City Budget Submissions

Advocacy Outcomes

Latrobe City’s advocacy has contributed to significant Government investment in Latrobe City to benefit the community.

  • Latrobe City Food Manufacturing Precinct
    - Funded from the Victorian State Budget 2021/22 - $10m
  • Latrobe Health Innovation Zone (incl. Latrobe Health Assembly)
    - Established - $26m
  • Latrobe Regional Hospital Employment (Stage 3)
    - $300m ($217m State government election commitment)
  • Employee Transitioning Centre
    - Established (LVA Worker Transition Service)
  • Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre
    - $57m funded as part of LVA ‘s $85m sports and infrastructure package
  • Iconic Walking Track – Morwell to Traralgon
    - Funded $2m Joint funding, Federal and State Government
  • Latrobe Creative Precinct
    - Funded $30m, Joint funding, Federal and State Government and Latrobe City - $10m

Recent Latrobe City Council Submissions

The Latrobe City Transition Task Force

The Task Force’s role is to establish a governance structure to support an open bi-partisan dialogue with both the State and Federal Governments, the opposition as well as industry, union and community representatives to ensure a planned and structured transition for Latrobe City, supported by meaningful and well-targeted investments to create employment, and sustain and grow the region’s economy.

The urgent need for transition is driven by external pressures that are resulting in the closure of Latrobe City’s major industries that drive the region’s employment i.e. the coal-fired power generation and timber industries.

The Task Force will co-ordinate, complement and align with other local resources to deliver necessary investments in the Latrobe Valley.


To bring together community and industry leaders committed to working together to focus on specific areas of interest, in parallel to the ongoing economic and social transition the community will continue to experience over the coming years.

  • The Latrobe City Transition Task Force
    • Chaired by the Mayor of Latrobe City Council, and formally established with its own Terms of Reference (endorsed by Latrobe City in July 2021)
    • The Task Force is concerned with identifying opportunities to advocate, engage, and influence key government decision makers and stakeholders 
  • The Government and Industry Reference Group (GICRG) 
    • Chaired by the CEO of Latrobe City (suggested)
    • An informal sub-committee that meets to help guide and support the work of the broader Task Force
    • To consider and discuss the scope of the challenges faced by industries and workers across Latrobe Valley and the region as part of the economic transition
    • The Group’s core membership would include representatives of:
      • Relevant State and Federal Departments
      • Unions
      • Energy
      • Agriculture
      • Mining
      • Forestry and
      • Tourism
      • Relevant community groups/representatives as identified
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