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Advocating for our Community

Latrobe City is currently experiencing significant economic change in the wake of the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station.   Council is working with the community to deliver on the vision and initiatives for transition. Part of Council’s role in supporting a successful transition is to effectively engage and advocate to the State and Federal Government’s on behalf of our community.


The following submissions have been made to the Victorian and/or Federal government in relation to issues that are currently affecting Latrobe City.

Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper submission

  • Demands our local agricultural businesses have better access to international markets so that we can grow our exports.
  • Draws attention to the need to support existing and new business and to attract research and development opportunities that can drive growth.
  • Requests education and skills training are available and affordable for our local community.

View Council’s submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper(PDF, 2MB)

Decentralisation Inquiry submission

  • Recommends incorporating the relocation of government agencies and out-posting of Commonwealth employees to regional cities.
  • Demands relocation of Government agencies to Latrobe City.
  • Calls for  a hub in Latrobe City for out-posted Commonwealth employees.
  • Advocates for a Centre of Excellence in Brown Coal Innovation in Latrobe City.

View Council’s submission to the Decentralisation Inquiry(PDF, 234KB)

Energy Green Paper submission

  • Supports the Australian Government’s efforts to ensure consistent energy policy with the aim to project jobs and investment, and take cost pressures off energy users
  • Encourages the balanced use of brown coal
  • Supports low emission coal technology research and development efforts

View Council’s submission to the Energy Green Paper(PDF, 673KB)

Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper

  • Considers the need to ensure investor confidence is maintained.
  • Encourages the balanced use of brown coal.
  • Supports low emission coal technology research and development efforts as well as carbon farming initiatives.

View Council’s submission to the Emission Reduction Fund Green Paper(DOCX, 966KB)

Inquiry into Transitioning Regional Economies submission

  • Provides background on Latrobe City as a region in transition advocating for a community- led response which empowers, builds capacity, resilience and optimism.
  • Expresses desire to partner with the community in a process of co-design and collective engagement.
  • Discusses the complex set of planning controls - the overlays relating to the coal and energy resource assets - which are a significant barrier to economic development.

View Council’s submission to the Inquiry into Transitioning Regional Economies(PDF, 210KB)

Inquiry into Community Energy Projects submission

  • Indicates support for the Victorian Government’s policy and community energy initiatives. 
  • Asks that the Victorian Government recognises that community energy needs to stand alongside other energy sources for a sustainable, secure, reliable and cost-effective energy future.

View Council’s submission to the Inquiry into Community Energy Projects(PDF, 217KB)

Inquiry Into The Retirement Of Coal-Fired Power Stations submission

  • Includes Latrobe City’s previous experience with the closure of electricity generators.
  • Discusses the role that alternative mechanisms can play in alleviating and minimising the economic, social and community costs of large electricity generation.

View Council’s submission to the Inquiry Into the Retirement of Coal-Fired Power Stations(PDF, 270KB)

Second Container Port Discussion Paper submission

  • Contains a number of recommendations around a second container port for Victoria as an enabler of the future prosperity of all Victorians rather than just a discussion centred on a site or sites.

View Council’s submission to the Victoria’s Second Container Port Discussion Paper(PDF, 213KB)

Victorian Budget

  • Updates the strength-led transition process, which was developed as an outcome of the Community Conversation “Securing our Economic Future” held in July 2016.
  • Requests are in line with the priorities developed following that Community Conversation:
    • Decentralisation
    • Gippsland rail
    • Latrobe Health Innovation Zone
    • Brown Coal Royalties Investment Fund

View Council’s submission to the Victorian Budget(PDF, 2MB)

In 2010, Council adopted ‘Positioning Latrobe City for a Low Emission Future’(PDF, 223KB)(PDF, 223KB), which was the first of its kind in Australia. This set the scene for Council’s proactive approach to creating economic growth and moving towards a low carbon economy.

 ‘Securing our Future’(PDF, 7MB)(PDF, 7MB) was produced in 2013 to complement the transition policy and set out a series of immediate asks from the State and Federal Governments to assist the region to create real and sustainable jobs.

A report card to the community ‘Consolidated Progress & Achievements’(PDF, 2MB)(PDF, 2MB) was released in 2014, ensuring a way for Council and the community to celebrate local successes. The majority of the initiatives detailed in the document have been implemented and completed.

In May 2016, Council adopted its ‘Latrobe City Council Economic Development Strategy 2016-2020’(PDF, 2MB)(PDF, 2MB) and in December 2016, Council adopted its ‘Strength-Led Transition’(PDF, 4MB)(PDF, 4MB), which was developed following a Community Conversation ‘Securing Our Economic Future’ and an Industry Think Tank. 

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