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Work Permits and Other Permits

Works or Asset Protection Permit applications are available from service centres in Traralgon, Morwell, Moe or Churchill. 

Customers can email their application in order to receive an invoice to - 

Works within road reserves and parks

Before you begin works within road reserves and parks you may require a works permit.
Works might include:

  • Construction and widening of driveways
  • Connection of property drains to stormwater drainage system or kerb and channel
  • Installation of utility services such as water, sewerage, electricity, gas and telecommunications
  • Any other excavation works

Vehicle crossings

Property owners are responsible for ensuring the design and position of their new dwelling and/or garage is suitable for the site, and that vehicle access does not compromise infrastructure assets or vegetation.

Prior to commencing works where pre-existing infrastructure assets in the nature strip, including trees, are in the vicinity of the proposed vehicle crossing the applicant must:

  1. Obtain written approval from Council and any relevant service authority for relocation or removal; and
  2. Complete works at the property owner’s cost; and
  3. Reinstate the nature strip to meet Council standard

Approval to remove or relocate an asset or tree is at the discretion of the Council and/or service authority.

You must obtain a permit before starting work on the construction, alteration or addition of any vehicle crossing within Latrobe City.

Written Council approval is also required if:

  1. A vehicle crossing already exists for the property and the new crossing would be an additional point of access.  (If the existing crossing is to become redundant, then it must be removed and the kerb reinstated at the permit holder’s cost.)
  2. A property owner wishes to widen or replace an existing vehicle crossing.

Vehicle Crossing Permit Application

Commonly requested drawings:

Stormwater legal point of discharge and stormwater connections

To connect your property stormwater drainage to the specified legal point of discharge a permit is required.

Stormwater Connection Application 

If the location of the specified legal point of discharge point is required, you must apply:

​ Storm Water Legal Point of Discharge 2023-2024 Application Form

Road opening

To excavate Council-owned land: reserve, road, or nature strip a permit is required. 
Works cannot start before a permit is issued.

To apply phone the City Assets Admin Officer on 5128 6174.

Temporary road occupation

To temporarily occupy a place that is owned or managed by Council; this includes car parks, roads, footpaths etc. a permit is required.
Works cannot start before a permit is issued.

Temporary Road Occupation Permit Application

Building works on private property

Before starting building construction or renovation works on your property or near Council assets, or otherwise occupying the road for whatever purpose, in addition to relevant planning and building permits, you may require a permit for the impact on Council’s assets.

Asset protection permit

Property owners are responsible for ensuring the design and position of their new dwelling and/or garage is suitable for the site, and that vehicle access does not compromise infrastructure assets or vegetation.

Before works begin on your property, you may require an asset protection permit. 
Works include:

  • Construction/extension of dwelling, commercial or industrial building
  • Restumping or Demolition of any building
  • Installation of Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier
  • New or replacement fences abutting Council assets, ie: front/side boundary fence

This permit includes the inspection of Council infrastructure assets and environment, within the road reserve before works begin and a follow-up inspection after completion of works. Any damage caused during construction/demolition must be reinstated by the permit holder at their cost.

The Asset Protection Permit also covers compliance checking for Asset Protection Permit conditions as set out in Local Law 3 such as temporary fencing, temporary vehicle crossing, the provision of toilet facilities, provision of rubbish facilities, and precautions during works to avoid pollution and maintain public safety.

The Asset Protection Permit may be issued to the builder of the works or the property owner. In either case, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that as Asset Protection Permit is obtained.

Building protection work notices

A property owner who is proposing building work has obligations under the Building Act 1993 to protect adjoining property from potential damage from their building work.

If your building work is close to or adjacent to adjoining property boundaries, then you may be required to carry out protection work relating to the adjoining property. This is to ensure that the adjoining property is not affected or damaged by your building work.

Obtaining ownership details to serve a protection work notice on an adjoining property owner

If you are required to carry out protection work, you must serve a notice on the adjoining owner and provide details about the proposed protection work.  You may request ownership details from us.
The Ownership Request Form can only be used to facilitate obtaining the ownership details of an adjoining property owner for the purpose of serving a Building Protection Work Notice. 

Asset Protection Permit Application

Local Law 3(PDF, 282KB)

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