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Responsible Pet Ownership

To help us keep Latrobe City a clean, safe and healthy dog haven: 

  • keep your dog on a lead at all times, except when in the designated off-lead parks
  • always carry a bag to pick up after your dog when out and about

Dog owners and anyone in charge of a dog are bound by the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and the Latrobe City Council Community Amenity Local Law No 2 2016

Rules and responsibilities apply to all dog owners regardless of the nature or size of your dog. 

Dogs must not be allowed to wander outside the owner's premises. Your dog must be kept within a securely-fenced area to be confined to your premises.

Fines can be issued for:

  • dogs being off-leash outside the designated parks, or for dogs found wandering at large
  • not carrying an appropriate bag to collect all dog poo from your dog, as well as for not disposing of any mess responsibly


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