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Reconciliation and Acknowledging Traditional Owners

Acknowledging Traditional Owners

Latrobe City Council acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Latrobe City at all formal Council meetings.

The wording of the acknowledgment was agreed to by the ‘Brayakaulung Advisory Committee’ and is as follows:

Latrobe City would like to acknowledge that we are meeting here today on the traditional land of the Brayakaulung people of the Gunaikurnai nation and pay respect to their Elders past and present. We also acknowledge other Elders present with us today.

Statement of Commitment to Reconciliation

Traditional Owners

Latrobe City Council acknowledges the Brayakaulung people were the occupiers and traditional owners of the land that is now known as Latrobe City prior to colonial settlement.

Respect for Culture

Latrobe City Council’s commitment to reconciliation is underpinned by respect for the rich and complex nature of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The richness of traditional language and the diversity and strength of Aboriginal people is valued.


Latrobe City Council apologises for the pain, grief and suffering experienced by Aboriginal people as a result of past laws, government policies, actions and attitudes. Latrobe City Council expresses deep sorrow that these actions and attitudes have occurred and has determined that such occurrences will not be repeated. Latrobe City Council acknowledges the ongoing effects of such practices on the lives of Aboriginal people who continue to be disadvantaged from the effects of their displacement from their families, their land and traditional culture.

Connection with the Environment

Latrobe City Council recognises the distinctive and special spiritual and material relationship that Aboriginal people have with the land and water including trees, rocks, hills, valleys, creeks, rivers and flood plains of the Latrobe City. Latrobe City Council recognises the historical and environmental significance of sacred sites and special features of the city.

Equality and Fairness

Latrobe City Council is committed to ensuring equal access to a fair system which protects the rights of individuals and is responsive to community needs.

Identity, Customs and Beliefs

These needs include recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights that relate to areas such as identity, culture, religion and language, cultural and intellectual property, land, customs, traditions and freedom from discrimination.

Working Together

Latrobe City Council recognises the importance of working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Latrobe City Council uses consultation, inclusion and empowerment wherever possible to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is promoted, maintained and developed.

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