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Roads and Drains

Information on trees roads, drains, footpaths and kerbs

Latrobe City Council is responsible for maintaining and renewing municipal roads. VicRoads is responsible for all freeways, highways and declared arterial roads.

Please view  Road Management Plan or comprehensive list of Road and Drain Services. We also have a frequently asked questions for roads drains footpaths and kerbs(PDF, 4MB) brochure.     

ROADS - Report potholes, grading, or other council road issues - Via Online Services

DRAINS - Report a drainage issue that requires council attention - Via Online Services

Unsealed Roads

Unsealed roads in the municipality, listed in our Public Roads Register(PDF, 1.2MB), are maintained by Latrobe City Council under the Road Management Plan. Residents can request for unsealed roads to be sealed under the Special Charge Scheme Policy . The policy involves a majority of property owners agreeing to contribute towards the cost of a project (i.e. sealing of an unsealed road or installation of stormwater drainage or construction of a footpath).

Road Rehabilitation

Latrobe City Council is committed to rehabilitating damaged streets around Latrobe City and has created the Road Rehabilitation Program. 

Council has set an approximate budget for various urban roads, kerbs and channels and road pavement surfaces to be rehabilitated.

If you have any questions regarding our road rehabilitation program or any suggestions for improvements we could make to our web page please contact or phone 


Footpaths are assessed and maintained by Latrobe City Council according to the Road Management Plan(PDF, 804KB).

Bridges and Major Culverts

Council is responsible for maintaining and renewing bridges which form part of our road network.

Street Lighting

Council is responsible for the cost of installation and upkeep of public lighting in streets and parks. Maintenance of streetlights that are not working is generally undertaken by SP AusNet's preferred service provider. Please contact Latrobe City Council if you have any queries or reports regarding street lighting or view Street Lights for more information.

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