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Moe Revitalisation Project - Stage 3

Latrobe City Council is calling on state and federal governments to invest in our precincts to continue creating safe and vibrant towns where our businesses and community can thrive.  

The Stage 3 Revitalisation Plan seeks to build on the success of Stages 1 and 2 of the Revitalisation Project by creating a shared-use zone, commuter car park, beautification works, and street lighting.

This project will enhance the streetscape to better accommodate businesses, commuters, and pedestrians, while providing the community with a safe shared-use space to host events.

Stage 3 will deliver:  

  • Redevelopment of Moore Street  
  • Construction of a commuter carpark  
  • Beautification works  
  • Creation of a U-turn  
  • Improve safety with public lighting  

We are calling for:

  • An investment of $7.5 million to complete the detailed design and delivery of Stage 3 for the Moe Revitalisation Project.



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