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Latrobe's Education and Health Clinic

Latrobe City Council is calling on state and federal governments to increase funding for our educational providers to create education pathways that will boost jobs and skills.  

Latrobe City Council is partnering with Latrobe Regional Health and Federation University to call on both levels of government to invest in a Health and Education Hub at Latrobe Regional Health.  

This exciting initiative will not only provide invaluable training and employment opportunities for nursing and allied health students it will also inject new vitality into our local economy. By diversifying our economic landscape and enhancing educational prospects, we can attract and retain talented individuals within our vibrant community.

We are also calling on the state government to establish the SEC Centre of Excellence and the Wind and Hydrogen Worker Training Centres in Latrobe City. These centres represent a significant leap towards sustainable energy practices and economic prosperity and will further support our transition by helping to reposition the Latrobe City as a Renewable Energy Hub.  

We are calling for:  

  • A comprehensive audit of existing energy workforce and development of a localised jobs and skills plan for Latrobe City.
  • Latrobe City to be the home of the Wind and Hydrogen Worker Training Centres.
  • Latrobe City to be the home of the SEC Centre of Excellence.
  • Funding boost for health sector training.  
  • Health Education Hub.


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