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Heritage Planning (Heritage Overlay)

The Latrobe Planning Scheme protects many heritage places/objects (building, trees or whole area/precincts for example) through the Heritage Overlay. A Heritage Overlay is a way to show a place or area has heritage values and helps protect and conserve important heritage elements.  To determine if a site is included in the Heritage Overlay, generate a free Planning Property Report.

Is a planning permit required under the Heritage Overlay?

A planning permit is usually required to construct a building or to undertake works in a Heritage Overlay (including demolition). When assessing planning applications under the Heritage Overlay, planners must consider the Decision Guidelines of the Heritage Overlay (Clause 43.01-5).All heritage places are listed at the Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay (HO) within the Latrobe Planning Scheme and are given a reference number e.g HO39.

For a more detailed analysis of each heritage place view the:

To confirm if you need a planning permit, phone the Planning team on 1300 367 700 or alternatively send a planning advice request  

Planning permit exemptions

A planning permit is not required for some types of development within the heritage precincts. These exemptions can be found in Latrobe City Heritage Overlay Planning Permit Exemptions and Application Requirements Incorporated Plan or Latrobe City Heritage Strategy

The Heritage Strategy assists Council in managing heritage places within the municipality. The strategy also helps the Victorian Government and Heritage Victoria to better understand the Latrobe City’s heritage priorities and therefore identify opportunities for future funding and resources.

Potential Heritage Overlay Protection

The Latrobe City Heritage Strategy (2010) comprises of three volumes:

(Prior to purchasing land, it is recommended that the Latrobe City Strategy – Volume 3 study is reviewed)

Before constructing any buildings, demolishing or carrying out any works on land affected by the Heritage Overlay seek advice from Council’s Planning Department.

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