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Future Morwell

‘Future Morwell’ is about taking steps to create a brighter future for our town and our region. This State Government funded project is being led by Latrobe City Council, RMIT University and a steering group of community members. The project will deliver a series of five priority projects to reshape Morwell over the next three years.

Future Morwell is about imagining together, talking together, working together and moving forward together.  

Future Morwell Urban Design Revitalisation Plan

This document, the Future Morwell Revitalisation Plan, describes a shared vision for Morwell’s future, and recommends key actions for its transition to a brighter and more prosperous future. It is a bold statement of our aspirations for Morwell’s future that embraces our industrial legacy, celebrates the town’s unique qualities, and promotes a sense of place as a beautiful, thriving, and optimistic place to live, work, and visit.

The research conducted through the production of this document identified that the planning and development of Morwell has historically been made in a piecemeal fashion, leading to physical fragmentation and a resultant disconnection of the community. Shifts in a range of external factors in the state, national and global circumstances have significantly contributed to this condition. The aspiration of this Revitalisation Plan for Morwell recognises the need for the transition and renewal of the town that connects the physical fabric and community, gives clarity to the structure of Morwell for the present and future, and provides a guide to grow a healthy environment together.

The concept of ‘Morwell the Town of Gardens’ aspires to shift the town’s identity by building on the positive qualities and characteristics of its industrial heritage, and connecting and repurposing existing open spaces and assets within the town to build a new active and relevant perception and identity of Morwell.

What's Happening Now

Morwell: Town of Gardens: Commercial Road Street Improvement

Commercial Road in Morwell is having a makeover! Just in time for spring, works started on the first stage of a street improvement works on 24 September.

The works will take in the full length of the frontage of the Latrobe City Council corporate headquarters. The streetscape will be transformed with plantings and mini gardens, paving and new street furniture.

Morwell will become the Town of Gardens!

Will there be road closures and detours?

The traffic lane and footpath along the side of the Latrobe City corporate headquarters will be closed to all traffic from Hazelwood Road to the small carpark opposite Manny’s Market.

The small carpark will still be accessible from the other side of the road direction.

To access Commercial Road from the Moe direction

  1. Turn right into Hazelwood Road. Turn left into George Street, travel one block and turn left into Tarwin Street to access the east end of Commercial Road.
  2. Drive another block to Chapel Street and turn left to access the far end of Commercial Road.
  3. Turn left across the railway bridge before the Rose Garden and right onto Princes Drive. Drive to the McDonald Street intersection, turn right across the railway bridge and turn right into Commercial Road.

All traffic travelling up Hazelwood Road must turn left at the Latrobe Regional Gallery into Commercial Road towards Moe.

All detours will be signposted. Please drive carefully during the works.

Works are expected to finish by mid November.

Future Morwell Urban Design Revitalisation Plan – Appendix

This Appendix is intended to be read along with the supporting material found in the Future Morwell Urban Design Revitalisation Plan.

Morwell Circuit - Shared Pathways Concept Design

The Morwell Circuit aspires to create a positive change in the physical spaces of the town’s centre in order to shift its identity, inspire diverse ways in which people might actively occupy and use these spaces, and contribute to the development of a sense of a stable and healthy community.

The circuit intends to renew and connect existing infrastructure and assets in the town’s built environment and contribute to its development as Morwell’s Village Hub. The first portion of the Circuit to be constructed is Stage 01 located along Commercial Road that links to a shared pathway network.

Streetscapes help define a community’s activities, appearance, identity and transport conditions. Improved streetscapes offer a range of benefits including potential economic growth, increased habitat within the urban core, spaces for passive and active recreation, places for residents to interact with neighbours and increased civic pride.

Morwell’s Village Hub is a commercial activity centre devoted to trade in the form of cafés, restaurants, boutiques, offices, and shops, as well as service-based businesses such as real estate agencies, banks, health services, legal services, and personal services. The design of the Morwell Circuit aspires to support commerce and business development through improvements to cycling infrastructure, walkability and connections to public transport through provision for pedestrian comfort and inclusion. In so doing the Village Hub also becomes more connected to its surrounding neighbourhoods. These improvements have been demonstrated to increase visitation and the economic benefit to activity centres in many cases. Street tree planting will work with, and encourage opportunities for walking, cycling and other modes of transport.

This consultation is now closed.

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