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Keeping of Animals

The table below outlines the number of each animal type that can be kept on a residential property without a permit.

The total number of cats and dogs with permit must not exceed 5 in a residential zone.

You must ensure that the animals do not create a nuisance or danger to neighbours or other people.

Animal Type  Multi Unit Property  All Other Areas (except farming area) 
Dogs  2  2
Cats  2  2
Poultry (includes fowls, bantams, pheasants, ducks, geese) Not permitted  5
Free flying pigeons Not Permitted  0
Rooster Not permitted  0
Domestic mice  10  10
Guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters  2  4
Domestic rabbits  2  4
Reptiles  2  2
Other animals (including: cattle, horse, goat, swine, pig, ostrich, sheep, and any other agricultural animal)  Not permitted 0 (Residential)/10 (Rural living zone)

The information above does not apply where animals are kept with a planning permit or where a Wildlife Licence has been obtained in accordance with the Wildlife Regulations 2013.

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