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Desexing and Microchipping

Compulsory microchipping

  • Registration requires dogs and cats to be microchipped. Proof must be provided
  • Registration renewal requires dogs and cats to be microchipped prior to 10 April 2009. Proof must be provided

Compulsory desexing


All cats must be desexed when being registered.

The following exceptions apply:

  • A cat used for breeding purposes at domestic animal business registered with Council
  • A cat whose health would be significantly affected if it is desexed and written veterinary advice can be provided
  • A cat that is owned by a current member of an applicable organisation (listed below) and the animal is registered with that organisation. Proof of membership of animal and owner must be provided

    The Minister for Agriculture has declared the following 'applicable organisations': Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc, The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria, Dogs Victoria, Australian National Cats Inc, Cats Victoria Inc, Greyhound Racing Victoria. These organisations have a code of ethics that requires responsible pet ownership in compliance with the Act and related Codes of Practice.


Registration of non-desexed dogs is accepted, refer to applicable registration fees.

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