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Youth Council Program Outline

The Latrobe City Youth Council established in 1996, offers the youth of Latrobe City an opportunity to get involved in meaningful engagement with Local Government having input into the future planning and policies that impact on current and future generations. It also serves as a means of further developing the leadership skills and capacity of young people, building their connections with the community and one another.

This year will see the appointment of the 26th Latrobe City Youth Council, making it one of the longest running Youth Councils in Australia.

Latrobe City Youth Council aims

  • Increase civic participation by our youth community
  • Develop young people’s knowledge of the issues that affect them at a Federal, State, and Regional and Local Government level
  • Provide a voice for young people in relation to Council issues, strategies and plans
  • Establish strong connections with the Latrobe City Council and Councillors
  • Build community links with local leaders and services and broaden their networks
  • Extend the leadership potential of young people in the Latrobe through hands-on learning
  • Increase member’s awareness and knowledge of the role of Local Government
  • Give members an increased understanding of community issues, planning, policy and decision making processes
  • Increase the capacity of Youth Councillors as peer leaders
  • Provide an opportunity to work collaboratively in a team with other young people to affect real change
  • Members will develop project management capabilities and experiences

Latrobe City Youth Council objectives

  • Report to the Council and provide appropriate advice, information and feedback on matters relevant to young people
  • Provide a forum for young people to meet regularly and express their views on issues affecting them and their peers
  • Provide an avenue for young people to bring forward issues that directly affect them, and inform Council representatives of these issues
  • Develop strategies that improve opportunities for young people and others in the community
  • Provide opportunities for young people to contribute to civic life
  • Develop long-term relationships with other young leaders

What is involved

The 2021 Youth Council Program involves:

  • Up to 20 meetings throughout the year, usually fortnightly during the school term through a mixture of face-to-face and online -depending on COVID restrictions.
    • One monthly meeting with elected Latrobe City Councillors, and
    • One monthly project and skill development meeting
  • Annual meeting with local members of parliament
  • Optional participation in a statewide youth conference (dependant on COVID restrictions)
  • Connect with other young leaders across Gippsland
  • Program participation celebration
  • Dependent upon further lifting of restrictions optional participation in civic ceremonies including Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and potentially others
    E.g. assisting with the presentation of awarding the Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year award and laying a wreath as part of the ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Services

All members are appointed to the Youth Council for a 12 month period from the time they are appointed, with the option of reapplying for an additional year.

Who can be a Youth Councillor

The Latrobe City Youth Council aims to include young people who are:

  • Aged from 14 to 18 years
  • Living in Latrobe City or attends an education facility within Latrobe City including public/private secondary schools, TAFE or University
  • Actively involved in school leadership or peer support groups
  • Residents of both large and small towns/districts within Latrobe City
  • Members of local sporting clubs and/or community groups
  • From a culturally diverse background
  • Young parents
  • LGBTIQ community
  • Eager to make a difference in their local community


Youth Council Meetings are held twice per month at the Latrobe City Headquarters, 141 Commercial Road, Morwell on a Tuesday night. Meetings usually run for two hours from 5pm to 7pm, with a light meal provided.

Each month there will be:

  • One formal meeting with Latrobe City Councillors on a Monday night
  • One project and skill development meeting on a Tuesday night

Attendance requirements

Youth Council participants are required to:

  • Attend Youth Council meetings twice per month from 5pm to 7pm (schedule to be confirmed)
  • Have a strong attendance rate - we understand life, school, work get in the way sometimes
  • Attend meetings when required to represent the Youth Council
  • Observe a Latrobe City Council meeting
  • Participate in Latrobe City Council events/functions as required
  • Communicate with Latrobe City Councillors
  • Regularly liaise with the Community Development Officer –Youth and other Latrobe City staff
  • Participate in Reference Groups & Advisory Committees: representatives will play an active role in youth-focused reference groups and/or advisory committees, when requested by Latrobe City staff
  • Deliver a Youth Council project (to be determined by the Youth Councillors) during the term of appointment. Youth Council projects 2021, may include:
    • Mental Health Week Activity
    • Social Inclusion Week Community Activity
    • Good Food for Mental Health Project


Membership of the Latrobe City Youth Council is a voluntary position and offers no remuneration.

Leadership positions

Latrobe City will provide resources, assistance, guidance and support to all members and position holders of the following roles:

Youth Mayor

  • Welcome all members and guests
  • Chair meetings
  • Keep meetings on track
  • Ensure agenda items have been addressed
  • Ensure everyone’s voice is heard
  • Encourage full participation of all representatives
  • Allocate tasks evenly amongst the group
  • Clarify points that have been made and summarising discussions and agreed actions
  • Support the Youth Council Secretary in making sure all minute information is accurate
  • Represent Youth Council at special community meetings, events and functions as requested by Latrobe City staff or Council
  • Be impartial and unbiased when making decisions
  • Attend Latrobe City Council Meeting which is held on a Monday Night on four occasions throughout the year to present the Youth Council Quarterly Report, outlining recent activities and outcomes. This report will be produced by a Council Officer with consultation from the Youth Council

Youth Deputy Mayor

  • Support the Youth Mayor as required
  • Assume all Youth Mayor responsibilities in their absence
  • Represent the Youth Council at special community meetings/events functions

Youth Council Secretary

  • Take all meeting minutes as required, reporting resolutions
  • Draft correspondence including letters
  • Represent the Youth Council at special community meetings, events and functions

Youth Council leadership elections

The Youth Council election will occur as part of the Project and Skill Development Meeting in late April/May 2021.

  • Elected positions include Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor
  • Elections are carried out through an anonymous ballot
  • Youth Council Secretary appointment conditions (elected or rotated) are to be determined at the first meeting

Expressions of interest

We're seeking expressions of interest from young people to fill up to 20 Latrobe City Youth Council Positions.

Expressions of interest to join the Youth Council may be submitted at any time.

Latrobe City is seeking applicants who are able to demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to demonstrate leadership qualities and be willing to take on a leadership role in their community
  • Willingness to undergo training and development to improve and build individual leadership skills
  • Preparedness to consult with other young people in schools and the wider community
  • Interest in issues that affect young people and are able to consider issues in a wider community context
  • A desire to develop an understanding of local government and to build local networks
  • The capacities to value add to the Latrobe City Youth Council working to improve the experiences for young individuals who reside and visit the Latrobe City
  • Willing to be involved in community projects, activities and civic events

Application process

  1. When Latrobe City receives a completed expression of interest form including personal reference the applicant will be notified that their application has been received
  2. All submissions are reviewed and shortlisted
  3. Shortlisted applicants are invited to attend an interview
  4. Individuals will be selected based on the expression of interest, personal endorsement, and their interview responses
  5. The successful applicants will be contacted with an offer to become a member of the 2021 Youth Council
  6. Successful applicants are required to return a signed acceptance offer
  7. Unsuccessful applicants are advised and offered the opportunity to meet with the Community Development Officer – Youth to explore local opportunities for community engagement and skill development
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