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Nature Strip Trees


Latrobe City Council is responsible for undertaking regular inspections and maintenance of all nature strip trees, including:

  • Providing clearance over roads, footpaths and driveway crossings
  • Pruning trees growing under and around power lines, street lights, traffic signals and street signage
  • Removing dead, dying or dangerous trees and stumps

Removal Request

Residents can request that a tree be removed. Trees will be individually assessed for removal. Trees will only be removed if they are classified as dead, dying or dangerous. Where appropriate we will replace trees after they have been removed.


Residents can request that we undertake planting in their street. We will advise on appropriate species for new or replacement plantings. Planting generally occurs between May and September.

Self Planting

Residents must get permission to plant trees or shrubs on a nature strip.

Unsuitable Street Tree Replacement Program

As part of Latrobe City Council’s Inappropriate Street Tree Replacement Program, consultation has been undertaken with residents in selected streets to determine the level of support for the removal of trees in their respective streets. 

Removal of selected trees will proceed in March and April and these trees will be replaced with appropriate species as selected by the residents as part of this consultation in May/June.

For further information please contact Chris Dash, Supervisor Arborist on 1300 367 700.

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