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Significant Tree Register

The Registry of Significant Trees is of trees under the direct control of Latrobe City Council. 

Each tree on this list has been categorised to help explain why it has been included:

  1. Does the tree have any aboriginal and/or cultural significance?
  2. Does the tree have genetic value that could be an important source of propagating stock into the future?
  3. Does the tree significantly enhance the value of the landscape, remnant vegetation and important land marks?
  4. Is the tree an outstanding example of its species?
  5. Is the tree rare or not common to the locality?
  6. Is the tree outstanding for its large height, trunk circumference or canopy spread?
  7. Is the tree particularly old or venerable?
  8. Is the tree commemorative or have association with an important historical event?

There are no privately-owned trees on this registry, except some trees that are on Vic Roads reserves that are maintained by Latrobe City Council, such as Shell Park on the Princess Highway, Traralgon.

Trees that are not included on this registry:

  • trees that are not located within a recognized town with the exception of Latrobe City Council rural parks e.g. Martin Walker Reserve, Yinnar South
  • trees that are located in a rural roadside reserve that are listed on the “National Trust Significant Tree Registry”. 
  • Indigenous trees in rural road side reserves are already recognised and protected under various forms of government legislation as significant. 
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