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Latrobe City Council reveals refresh to the corporate brand

Latrobe City Council has refreshed the corporate brand as part of our transition journey and to achieve greater brand recognition.  

Latrobe City Council’s corporate brand is over 20 years old and has dated with age. Brands are commonly reviewed every five to seven years to ensure they are relevant and not perceived as out of touch. Council was overdue for this process.

The refreshed brand supports Council’s efforts in our transition journey and showcases Council as progressive and reflective of current time.

The refreshed logo shares the iconic wave with a modern approach. Long used within Council’s branding and an established icon for the region, the modernised wave represents the land, energetic flow, and view to the future as a transformative region. The colour palette has also transitioned, becoming softer and cooler, in response to ongoing concerns around the harsh association of the corporate red tone.

This refresh was completed in-house by the expertise of Council’s Design Officers and Communications and Marketing teams. Existing budget is being used to update signage or materials that display the former branding.

Council’s branding can be seen on external facing collateral such as our signage, website, social media, and print advertising. Updating the brand on these assets will happen gradually as needed, meaning there will be a period where the former and refreshed brands overlap.

Mayor of Latrobe City Council, Councillor Darren Howe, says this refresh is a necessary step in the Council’s transition journey.

“Our Marketing and Communications teams have done an exceptional amount of work to deliver each component of this brand refresh to enhance brand recognition and establish consistency for Council,” said the Mayor.

“We were keen to ensure Council’s corporate brand emulated the same modern approach you see in our Gippsland Performing Arts and Visit Latrobe City brands, along with at our new and redeveloped Leisure venues to ensure the community can connect the many services Council provides. This refresh does just that.

“Existing budget is being used to update Council’s corporate brand on our assets and material, so it will take some time to complete the full refresh.”  

To learn more about Council’s corporate brand visit here

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