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History of the corporate brand

In 1996 following the amalgamation of local Councils, Latrobe City Council was established with a corporate logo adopted in 2001.

Since this time, there has been several iterations of the corporate brand, namely colours and branding elements, however the logo and tagline ‘A New Energy’ remained unchanged.

In recent years, branding projects including the regional Place Brand, Visit Latrobe City, and visual identity of new major assets including Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre and Gippsland Performing Arts Centre have been undertaken, resulting in variations in both visual design and identity.

Brands are usually reviewed every five to seven years to make sure they’re still relevant to the organisation and are reflective of the current time. As such, Council embarked on a brand refresh in 2024 to enhance brand recognition and establish consistency.

Council’s 2024 refreshed brand 

Former Latrobe City Council logo on left and refreshed logo on right

Embarking on refreshing Council’s corporate brand supports efforts in our transition journey and showcases Council as progressive and reflective of current time.

The refreshed logo concept carries on the iconic wave with a modern approach. Long used within Council’s branding and an established icon for the region, the logo’s refreshed wave is explored in ways that represent the land, energetic flow, and view to the future as a transformative region.

Council’s refreshed branding now aligns with Leisure and Creative Arts and lends to a design element that embraces the many different facets of Council and Latrobe City community.

The refreshed branding also features a softer and cooler colour palette. This enables a more positive interaction with Council’s visual identity to alleviate concerns over the use and harsh association of the prior corporate red tone.

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