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Can I subdivide my property?

A planning permit is required to subdivide any property, however there are big differences between subdividing in urban areas where there is good access to services and facilities and rural areas where the further subdivision of land may be more challenging, or not possible.

Minimum lot sizes for subdivision are prescribed by the relevant zones, schedules and overlays that apply to the property under the Latrobe Planning Scheme. Any application for subdivision must comply with the relevant subdivision requirements to enable an assessment to be undertaken.

Subdivision is complicated and has certain legal requirements. The applicant must be a Land Surveyor whose professional skills enable them to prepare the documents and manage the process for you. Surveyors are listed in the Yellow Pages and in the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria website:

There are three main stages to a subdivision permit which can take up to several months to complete:

Planning permit for subdivision

Applications are referred to the servicing authorities (water, sewer, gas, electricity etc) for assessment of their requirements. The permit will list any conditions to be met prior to Statement of Compliance (SOC). These conditions may require you to carry out works or to make payments in lieu of works and may attract additional fees.


The Plan of Certification is referred to the servicing authorities who check whether easements are required for their services. Once all the servicing authorities consent to the Plan of Subdivision the plan may be certified. A Certified Plan is valid for five years, if the plan is not registered at the Titles Office within that time, the plan expires.

Statement of Compliance

Once all conditions are met and the service providers have given consent, a Statement of Compliance is issued. Documents are then lodged with Land Victoria. New titles are then issued and lots can be sold. Your solicitor or conveyancer will deal with this stage.

It is important you talk to a planner to find out if you are able to subdivide your land and if you can what restrictions may apply.

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