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Proposed Developments in Our Region

Proposed Developments in Our Region

Latrobe City Council are seeing a number of proposed large scale development projects that are being met with both concern and positivity from members of our community as part of early consultation activities.

Projects such as the proposed Battery Recycling Plant in Hazelwood North, the proposed Frasers Solar Farm in Glengarry and proposed Delburn Wind Farm are just a sample of these projects that have raised the interest of community members.

View the projects below and contact the proponents for the projects for more detail/provide feedback on the projects:

Delburn Wind Farm

33 wind turbines are proposed as part of the Delburn Wind Farm by OSMI Australia in HVP Plantations land bordered by Hernes Oak, Darlimurla, Narracan and Thorpdale to the west and Yinnar and Boolarra to the east. 

You can contact the proponent on phone 1800 676428 or email

View more information about Delburn Wind Farm

Frasers Solar Farm

Frasers Solar Farm proposed by South Energy will be located about 2km south of the township of Toongabbie across 110 hectares of land. It has a proposed capacity of up to 75 megawatts.

You can contact the proponent on phone 03 8842 6888 or email

View more information about Fraser Solar Farm

Battery Recycling Plant in Hazelwood North

Chunxing Corporation Pty Ltd is proposing to establish a Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) recycling plant at Fourth Rd, Hazelwood North, near Morwell, Victoria, to process 50,000 tonnes per year of spent lead acid batteries and recycle them into 28,000 tonnes of refined lead per year.

The proposal requires both a works approval from the EPA and a planning permit from Council.

A works approval application was lodged with EPA on 15 November 2019, a copy of the works approval application can be viewed on the Engage Victoria website.

A planning permit application has been lodged with Council, the following is an indicative overview of the time frames and processes involved in Councils assessment of the application.

Magnesium Metal Production Facility in Hazelwood North

Latrobe Magnesium Ltd is proposing to establish a Magnesium Metal Production Facility capable of generating 3,000 tonnes of magnesium per annum.

The process uses fly ash, an underutilised by-product of the coal combustion process from the Yallourn W power station as the raw material to produce magnesium.

The facility would operate on a trial basis for approximately 18 months initially to demonstrate the production and feasibility of the process, before deciding whether to commence full ongoing production.

The proposal requires both a Research Development and Demonstration approval from the EPA and a planning permit from Council.

  • A planning permit application was lodged with Council in March 2020.
  • A Research Development and Demonstration approval application has not yet been lodged with the EPA.

Timeframe Overview

Note: The above timeframes are indicative only and will change depending on a range of factors particularly how responsive the applicant is to our further information request

For more information about the planning permit application contact Karen Egan Coordinator Statutory Planning via email