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Proposed Developments in Our Region

Latrobe City Council are seeing a number of proposed large-scale development projects that are being met with both concern and positivity from members of our community as part of early consultation activities.

Projects such as the proposed Battery Recycling Plant in Hazelwood North, the proposed Frasers Solar Farm in Glengarry and proposed Delburn Wind Farm are just a sample of the projects that have raised the interest of community members.

View the projects below and contact the proponents for more detail/provide feedback on the projects:

Sand Quarry – Traralgon West Road, Maryvale

Latrobe Valley Sands Pty Ltd are proposing to establish a sand quarry at the Traralgon West Road, Maryvale under Work Authority WA1515. The Earth Resources Regulation Branch of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions statutorily endorsed Work Plan PLN-001344 for the proposed Sand Quarry on 25 August 2021.

A planning permit is required to use and develop the land for extractive industry in accordance with the endorsed Work Plan. The applicant has detailed that the purpose of the sand quarry is to support and complement the existing quarry operations to the north of the Traralgon West Road, which is expected to be exhausted and rehabilitated within the next five years. The applicant has detailed that both quarries will not operate concurrently. The proposed sand quarry will include:

  • A total Work Authority area of approximately 156.24 hectares.
  • A total extraction area of 143.82 hectares.
  • The maximum disturbed area at any one time will be approximately 60 hectares. Areas outside the disturbed areas will act as buffer zones to sensitive receptors and provide adequate area to continue the existing agricultural uses.
  • The proposed maximum depth of the excavation is 55 metres from natural ground level at the terminal edge. The pit floor will generally reflect the surface topography and is estimated to be at approximately RL15 and RL35 but will vary according to the resource and surface topography.
  • A total disturbed area of approximately 152 hectares, includes the extraction area, site access road, soil stockpiles, diversion drains/ bunds, office, weighbridge, amenities and workshop.
  • Soil stockpile heights will be limited to not greater than 2 metres where it is not possible to place overburden in the extraction area. Product stockpiles will generally be located close to the mobile processing plant with a maximum height of 8 metres.

The Proposed Quarry will commence in four stages. The initial development of the Subject Land will involve the construction of the site access road, via Jacks Track, from the APM roundabout on the Traralgon West Road. An office, weighbridge, amenities hut, workshop and fuel store will be developed where the site access road enters the Work Authority. 3.8 The first stage will commence in the south/ south- western part of the Work Authority area. This stage will involve the construction of the 12 to 15 metre high visual screening mound on the southern border of the Work Authority. This stage will aim to develop a suitable area for the Sand Wash Plant and associated infrastructure.

As the works proceed, the excavation will continue to the Stage 2 area to the east of Stage 1, then back to the western boundary for Stage 3 and finally along the northern boundary of the Work Authority for Stage 4. 3.10. Stage 4 will be within 220 metres of the Traralgon West Road. Given this proximity to the road, this stage will require a geotechnical and erosion control review of the exposed quarry faces to evaluate the long-term stability of the proposed terminal design and make any modifications to the design as appropriate. This review will occur every 5 years (or at a more frequent rate, as determined by a geotechnical engineer).

Utility Installations

Battery energy storage system – Monash Way, Morwell

A planning permit application was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 1 April 2021 for the use and development of a utility installation (battery energy storage system) at 240 Monash Way and 300 Monash Way, Morwell.

A planning permit was issued by the Minister for Planning on 12 November 2021 and a minor Amendment to this permit was issued on 24 June 2022.

Further details about the proposal can be found on the Tilt Renewables website.

Information about the planning permit can be found on the Ministerial Permits website.

Battery energy storage system – Bartons Lane, Loy Yang

A Planning Permit application was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 20 March 2021 for the development of a utility installation (battery energy storage system) and removal of native vegetation at Bartons Lane, Loy Yang.

A planning permit was issued by the Minister for Planning on 21 November 2021.

Information about the planning permit can be found on the Ministerial Permits website.

Wooreen battery energy storage system – 30 Bonds Lane, 530 Tramway Road & Monash Way, Hazelwood North

A planning permit application was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 19 August 2022 for the development of land for a utility installation (battery energy storage facility and associated powerline connection) at 30 Bonds Lane, 530 Tramway Road & Monash Way, Hazelwood North.

The application is currently on notification with the notice detailing that a decision on the application will not be made before 7 December 2022. View a copy of the application and supporting documents.

Any person who may be affected by the granting of the permit may object or make other submissions to the responsible authority (Minister for Planning) at either:

Information about the planning application can be found on the Ministerial Permits website.

Star of the South

The Star of the South Offshore Wind Farm project comprises of an offshore wind farm, supporting electricity transmission assets required to transfer energy generated by the wind farm to the existing electricity transmission network, and modifications to ports and harbours required to support the construction and operation of the wind farm.

The wind farm is not located in the Latrobe municipality, but part of the onshore transmission corridor will be in Latrobe to connect to the transmission network.

Further details about the project including community engagement and details on assessment being undertaken can be found on the Star of the South Website at

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning placed the draft scoping requirements on exhibition from 7 July 2021 to 27 July 2021. The Minister for Planning has considered the submissions received and approved final scoping requirements for the Environment Effects Statement in August 2021.

More information, including the final scoping requirements can be found on the Project Page.

Battery Recycling Plant in Hazelwood North

In response to the community interest on this proposed facility, we have compiled the latest information and a timeline of the approvals process.

View the Battery Recycling Plant Timeline

Delburn Wind Farm

The Minister for Planning is considering four planning permit applications for the Delburn Wind Farm and associated terminal station.

The proposal seeks approval to develop a 33-turbine wind energy facility and associated infrastructure spanning across three Local Government Areas (Latrobe City, Baw Baw Shire and South Gippsland Shire).

Submissions closed on 18 August 2021 and these have been referred to an independent planning panel for consideration.

The Panel Hearing was held from Monday 18 October 2021 until Monday 5 November 2021. 

On 27 March 2022, the Minister for Planning following consideration of the Panel Report issued all four planning permits making up the Delburn Wind Farm.

Frasers Solar Farm

Frasers Solar Farm proposed by South Energy will be located about 2km south of the township of Toongabbie across 110 hectares of land. It has a proposed capacity of up to 75 megawatts.

A planning permit application was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 9 November 2019 for the use and development of land for a solar energy facility and utility installations; including the construction of buildings and the carrying out of works, the removal of native vegetation, and business identification signage at Frasers Lane, Glengarry North.

The Minister for Planning has issued a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit. 

Solar Energy Facility – Tramway Road

A planning permit application was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 10 August 2020 for the use and development of a solar energy facility and utility installations (battery and power lines), removal of native vegetation and alteration of access to a Road Zone, Category 1 at 436 and 545 Tramway Road, Hazelwood North.

A notice of decision has been issued on 9 December 2021 detailing that a planning permit is proposed to be issued 28 days following this notice if no appeals are lodged with VCAT. 

Magnesium Metal Production Facility in Hazelwood North

Latrobe Magnesium Ltd is proposing to establish a Magnesium Metal Production Facility capable of generating 3,000 tonnes of magnesium per annum.

The process uses fly ash, an underutilised by-product of the coal combustion process from the Yallourn W power station, as the raw material to produce magnesium.

The facility would operate on a trial basis for approximately 18 months initially to demonstrate the production and feasibility of the process, before deciding whether to commence full ongoing production.

The proposal requires both a Research Development and Demonstration approval from the EPA and a planning permit from Council.

A planning permit was issued for the proposal on 5 June 2020.

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