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South East Traralgon Precinct Structure Plan

About the project

Latrobe City Council is currently undertaking works to inform the preparation of a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), Development Contributions Plan (DCP), Native Vegetation Precinct Plan (NVPP) and other associated reports for a residential growth area, south-east of the Traralgon township, to guide how this large precinct could be developed for housing over a 20+ year timeframe.

The precinct covers an area of approximately 187 ha containing 83 properties and applies to land in general residential, farming and rural living zones.  


South East Traralgon Map, description below

A PSP is a ‘big picture’ plan that sets the vision for developing new communities and is the primary plan for guiding development in growth areas. PSP’s identify where main roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, housing, employment areas, infrastructure and connections to transport will be located.

The South East Traralgon precinct is identified as a residential growth area in the Traralgon Structure Plan which forms part of the Latrobe Planning Scheme. The PSP will ensure that future development in this area is well planned and coordinated.

Works completed

Latrobe City Council obtained assistance from the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) through its Streamlining for Growth program in 2018/19 in order to progress Stage 1 of the preparation of the PSP and associated documents for the South East Traralgon precinct. 

The VPA are a State Government agency who prepare PSP’s or assist councils with the preparation of PSP’s for areas within Victoria. 

To understand the opportunities and constraints for the area the following background reports have been prepared by specialist consultants in 2017/2018:

  • Native Vegetation and Flora and Fauna Survey
  • Stormwater and Drainage Assessment
  • Roads and Traffic Assessment
  • Retail Assessment
  • Community Infrastructure Assessment

The VPA prepared an Issues, Opportunities and Directions Paper that identifies the issues and opportunities for the precinct, and provides direction for how they can be addressed. This work will assist in providing guidance for the preparation of the PSP.

Current status

Latrobe City Council obtained additional assistance from the VPA through its Streamlining for Growth program in 2019/20 in order to progress Stage 1 of the PSP. This funding and resource support is in addition to the funding provided by the 2019/20 Council budget.

Updates to the below background reports completed in 2017/2018, and some additional reports are being undertaken, this is due to changes to legislation, information gaps and the need for more detailed assessments to inform the preparation of the PSP. The new background reports are being undertaken due to changes in policy in recent times.

  • Native Vegetation and Flora and Fauna Survey (update)
  • Stormwater and Drainage Assessment (update)
  • Roads and Traffic Assessment (update)
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment (new)
  • Active Open Space Investigation (new)

Completion of the background reports is expected by the end of 2020, this is a key milestone in the PSP process.

LCC have had discussions with key state government agencies regarding potential constraints to development in the precinct and how these should be appropriately addressed in the planning framework. 

As part of the preparation of the PSP and as required by the planning scheme, Latrobe City Council has sought the views of the Minister for Resources regarding new residential development of land within 2km of the mine buffer, which currently extends 1km from the mine and forming the southern boundary of the precinct. Acting for the Minister for Resources, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has identified the need for further geotechnical investigation in relation to the future rehabilitation of the mine, and whether this could have implications for development. 

Latrobe City Council has previously commissioned two geotechnical reports concluding that land stability in its current operation is not a constraint to development of the precinct; however these reports did not consider possible impacts with mine rehabilitation, and post rehabilitation. Latrobe City Council has requested further information from DJPR to determine whether there is a land stability issue that has not been identified in previous assessments, however this has not yet been provided; DJPR require the geotechnical investigation to be completed before making an informed response to Latrobe City Council. Latrobe City Council is therefore continuing to progress the project on the basis that this issue, as well as any other matters or concerns from any stakeholder, will be appropriately considered in a formal and transparent process as the PSP progresses.

It is important to note that funding a project such as this can be very costly and Latrobe City Council is seeking funding support to progress the project.  

Stage 1 is underway, and Council will continue to explore further funding options to progress Stages 2 and 3. 

Next steps

A copy of the PSP Process Sheet is provided in the ‘More Information’ section below, this provides an overview of the next steps.

Following completion of the background reports, Latrobe City Council will begin to draft the PSP, DCP, NVPP and associated reports.

Latrobe City Council have applied for additional funding from the VPA through its 2020/21 Streamlining for Growth program, this will assist with the Amendment process.

The VPA has advised Council officers that the preparation of a PSP is broken into stages and can take approximately three years to complete, provided that there are no significant delays or issues that arise

More information

For more information about the South East Traralgon PSP and the PSP process: 

Latrobe City Council has completed another precinct structure plan within the municipality, located between Lake Narracan and the existing Moe/Newborough township. View the Lake Narracan precinct structure plan (PSP) from the endorsed development plans to understand the outcome of that PSP.

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