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Amendments C126 Toongabbie Structure Plan & C127 Bushfire and Rural Rezonings

Council has prepared Amendments C126 (Toongabbie Structure Plan) and C127 (Bushfire and Rural Rezonings) to the Latrobe Planning Scheme, which are related to one another. 

Does the Amendment affect me?

An interactive map tool is available to search addresses and view how the amendment may propose to change land in Latrobe:

  • Toongabbie Structure Plan

    Amendment C126 proposes to:

    • Implement the Toongabbie Structure Plan 2020 into the Latrobe Planning Scheme, including:
      • Rezoning residential land close to the town centre to support higher density development, on appropriate serviceable properties.
      • Rezone some Farming Zone land to Low Density Residential Zone.
      • Correct split zoning at the Toongabbie Primary School.
      • Rezone some land adjacent to waterways to Public Conservation and Resource Zone reflective of its biodiversity.
      • Amend areas covered by the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay and introduce the Floodway Overlay, in areas identified within the Floodplain Mapping for the Toongabbie Township (WGCMA, 2016).

    View Amendment C126

  • Bushfire and Rural Rezonings

    Amendment C127 proposes to:

    • Implement the Rural Living Strategy 2021 and the Municipal Bushfire Risk Assessment 2020, including:
      • Rezoning pockets of Farming Zone, Schedule 1 (FZ1) land to Farming Zone, Schedule 2 (FZ2), Rural Living Zone, Schedule 1 (RLZ1), Rural Living Zone, Schedule 2 (RLZ2), Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) and Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ).
      • Rezoning to fix minor zoning anomalies.
      • Application of the Design and Development Overlay, Schedule 12 (DDO12) to precincts in Toongabbie and Boolarra, identifying appropriate bushfire mitigation measures for certain land uses and developments.
      • Application of the Development Plan, Schedule 10 (DDO10) for new greenfield rural living precincts in Toongabbie.
      • Introduce a Municipal Landscape Bushfire Risk Map to local policy to assist in future strategic land use planning.
      • Associated updates to the Planning Policy Framework.

    View Amendment C127

Current Stage: Post Exhibition

Public Exhibition of the amendments took place between 24 June 2021 and 6 August 2021.

A total of 11 written submissions were received for Amendment C126.

A total of 45 written submissions were received for Amendment C127.

All submissions received, as well as a response to each submission, will be presented to Council for their consideration at a future Council Meeting. All submitters will be advised of the meeting date ahead of time.

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