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Report and Consent

Your building surveyor may need our consent to vary certain aspects of the Building Regulations prior to issuing a building permit. This generally relates to the siting of domestic buildings and structures on residential land where a planning permit is not required. If you are advised that you require consent, then an Application for report and consent should be completed and submitted at one of our service centres. Your building surveyor, draftsperson or builder may be able to help you to complete this form.

Your application for report and consent must be accompanied by a site plan, floor plan and elevations of your proposal; the report of any relevant authority, application fees and the written acknowledgement of any affected neighbour. To gain the acknowledgement of your neighbour, you will need to complete Part A of the Neighbours response to report and consent form and have your affected neighbour complete Part B. The affected adjoining property owners should state that they have seen plans and documentation of the proposal, are aware of the implications of the variation and have no objections.

You will also need our consent for the demolition of any building (excluding domestic sheds) and for the alteration or demolition of the facade of a building.   Your building surveyor will need to submit a demolition consent form demolition consent form in accordance with the Building Act 1993 with the fee.

Registered User - Apply Online

If you are a registered user, you are able to make applications, attach documents and make payments online.  The links below will take you to the login page and relevant application type.

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