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Buying an Existing Food Business

Before you purchase a food business we recommend that you contact Council to ensure the business holds current Food Act registration and request a pre-transfer inspection of the business (please allow at least seven working days). This request must be in writing via a letter or email from your solicitor.

If you are changing the use of the food premises, you should discuss the proposal with one of Council’s Environmental Health Officers; you may wish to submit plans for the Environmental Health Officer to review the proposed changes.

Pre-transfer inspection

You should arrange for one of our Environmental Health Officers to conduct a pre-transfer inspection of an existing food premises before any rental agreement or business contract is signed.

Council will provide the current business owner with a ‘Consent to Disclose’ which allows Council to provide potential purchasers with an inspection report outlining any works needed to comply with the national Food Standards Code. The inspection report will list time frames when  these items have to be completed. It will be up to the seller and purchaser to agree as to who will be responsible for the completion of these items.

See the Guidelines for new and transferring food business.

Transfer of registration

Once settlement is finalised  you must submit a completed an Application for Transfer of Registration and return this with the following:-

  • payment of the relevant fee; and
  • a copy of the food safety supervisors certificate (for Class 1 and 2 food businesses only).

Council cannot finalise the transfer of the Food Act registration until these have been submitted. Council will then issue a Certificate of Registration to the purchasers.

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