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Asbestos and Fibreglass Insulation Disposal

Asbestos removal


Contact Council’s Health Services team for advice about the safe removal of asbestos from your property. Strict handling requirements apply for removal from a workplace and only EPA licensed removalists have the expertise and equipment to remove asbestos from the workplace.

Who does what in asbestos?

Have you got an issue with asbestos and you're not sure who to contact and what to do? The Latrobe Valley Asbestos Taskforce's community matrix explains who you need to contact depending on the situation. A checklist for how to make a complaint about asbestos is also available via the links below. 

Home Removal Kit

A kit for disposal of small quantities of asbestos can be purchased from the Latrobe City Headquarters, Commercial Road, Morwell for $63

Asbestos disposal

The disposal of waste asbestos, whether from a workplace or household, is controlled by Environment Protection Authority (EPA). In addition, EPA controls the commercial transportation of waste asbestos.

Disposal of domestic quantities

  1. We will accept domestic quantities of asbestos at the Hyland Highway Landfill (by appointment), double wrapped in heavy black builders plastic in 20kg packages, as per the guidelines. Asbestos not correctly wrapped in manageable sized packages (20 kg or less) will not be accepted.

  2. Before you dispose of the asbestos please make your payment at Latrobe City Headquarters, 141 Commercial Road Morwell.

  3. Bring your receipt to the Hyland Highway Landfill gatehouse. We cannot accept payment at the gatehouse.

Insulation disposal

The disposal of insulation is now being treated in a similar way to asbestos and must be taken to the Hyland Highway Landfill by appointment only.

To dispose fibreglass insulation material you must pack the material in special large clear plastic bags which can be purchased at any Latrobe City service centre for $5.00 per bag. Additional bags can be purchased directly from Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety, 1 Hollie Drive, Morwell.

These bags are 1500mm x 1000mm and can hold approximately 15-20 insulation batts. The cost of disposal is $37 per cubic metre (6 x 4 trailer, single layer of bags) and must be pre-paid at any service centre.

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