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3 Year Old Kinder

2025 Enrolments 

On time enrolments for 2025 three year old and four year old kinder closed 30 June, however registrations are still being accepted and will be offered in order of receipt where places remain available.

Enrol Now 

What is Three-Year-Old Kinder?

  • Three-year-old kinder is an educational program for three-year-old's in the year before preschool (four-year-old kindergarten)
  • The three-year-old program only operates at centres where there is sufficient demand.
  • The three-year-old kinder program is one day a week.

      - 2024 - five hour program, one day per week.

      - 2025 - five hour program, one day per week.

  • To be eligible your child must be three years old before 30 April, in the year of attendance. Children must turn three years of age before they can commence at the service.
  • We operate a central enrolment scheme.
  • The enrolment form allows you to state your preference for a particular three-year-old kindergarten.

Is my child eligible?

To be eligible for three year old kinder, children must be three years of age before 30 April in year of attendance.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Children are eligible for one year of funded three-year-old kindergarten and will commence four-year-old preschool the following year. Children who withdraw from a kindergarten program once they commence are not eligible for a second year of funded three-year-old kindergarten anywhere in Victoria. Therefore, it is important that families consider whether their child is ready for three-year-old funded kindergarten, prior to their child commencing in the program.

Is my child ready for three year old Kinder? - Important information

We need you to be informed about a few things, before you make the significant decision about when your child begins their Early Education journey

  • Every Victorian child is eligible to enrol in three-year-old kinder if they turn three by 30 April*
  • It is only possible to access ONE year of funded three-year-old kinder
  • If your child is younger, you may wish to wait until the following year, to begin three-year-old kinder
  • Children who withdraw from a kindergarten program once they commence are not eligible for a second year of funded kindergarten anywhere in Victoria.

Children are entitled to one funded year of three-year-old kinder and one funded year of four-year-old kinder.

All children in a three-year-old Kindergarten program will move onto four-year-old Kindergarten the following year. There is no option for a second year of funded three-year-old kinder.

Once your child attends one day of three-year-old kinder this is their funded three-year-old kinder year and children will not be eligible to attend another three-year-old kinder the following year.

If your child was born between: Your child is eligible to attend three-year-old Kindergarten in:
1 January 2022 - 30 April 2022 2025 or 2026

Attend three-year-old Kinder 2025

*Children can't start Kinder until they have turned three 

2025 - three-year-old Kinder

2026 - four-year-old Kinder

2027 - School

Attend three-year-old Kinder 2026

*Children can't start Kinder until they have turned three

2026 – three-year-old Kinder

2027 – four-year-old Kinder

2028 - School

It is important that families are provided with information regarding your options, please contact Family Services if you would like to discuss any of the above

Like you, we want your child to thrive, therefore, it is vital to consider if your child is emotionally READY to begin their journey into three-year-old kindergarten, or if they would gain more from the experience, if a bit older.

*Your child is unable to attend independently, until their third birthday

While making this decision, you may wish to discuss your child’s readiness with:

  • Your maternal and child health nurse
  • Educators at day-care.
  • Or contact the Family Services Team via email or 1300 367 700

You are welcome to contact any of our teachers, to discuss your child’s readiness.

2024 Enrolments

Kinder registration for 2024 three year old and four year old kinder are still being accepted and will be offered in order of receipt where places remain available. Three year old kinder is 5 hours, one day per week.  Four year old kinder is 15 hours per week.You can still apply for kinder for the remainder of 2024, please email  to arrange to have the registration link emailed to you. 

Kindergarten Virtual Tour

If you would like to view a preschool, please explore the virtual open days below or contact our team at to make arrangements to visit a centre.

Explore each of our kindergarten facilities online

Fees - Free Kinder*

The Victorian State Government has announced that from 2023 there will be no cost to families and therefore no fees will be applicable to either the three-year-old program or the four-year-old program.

*If enrolling in a long day care kinder please check with the service regarding fee structure.        

Services not operated by Latrobe City

Latrobe City Council's Central Enrolment Scheme also accepts applications for the following kindergartens:

  • Mid Valley Kinder and Childcare Morwell – 5135 6522
  • Bluebird Early Education Moe - 5126 2222
  • Little Saints Early Learning Traralgon - 5172 9855
  • Little Saints Early Learning Moe - 5127 6100 
  • Federation Childrens Centre Churchill - 5122 6227

These services are NOT managed or operated by Latrobe City Council, please contact them directly for questions related to session days and times, fees and charges.

Three-year-old kinder sessions in 2024 are currently being offered at the centres below (centres and days are subject to change) 2025 program days will not be determined until August.

Where some centres, have a small number of enrolments, we may be able to combine a three-year-old session with a preschool (four-year-old) session.  

  • Park Lane Preschool - Monday
  • Sara Court Preschool – Thursday
  • Traralgon Early Learning Centre - Monday/Tuesday
  • Kay Street Preschool – Monday
  • Cumberland Park Preschool – Monday
  • Cameron Street Preschool– Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Pax Hill Preschool - Friday
  • Traralgon South Preschool - Thursday
  • Tyers Preschool – Friday
  • Glengarry Preschool - Monday
  • Carinya - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Maryvale Crescent Preschool - Monday  
  • Elizabeth Wilmot Preschool - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
  • Parklands Preschool - Friday
  • Morwell Park Preschool - Friday
  • Churchill Hub Preschool – Monday
  • Glendonald Park Preschool - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Boolarra Preschool – Monday
  • East Newborough Preschool - Monday
  • Murray Road Preschool - Friday
  • Moe Early Learning Centre – Thursday
  • Moe Heights Preschool - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Moore Street Preschool - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
  • Yallourn North Preschool – Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
  • Yinnar Preschool - Friday

Kindergarten offer timelines

First-round offers  Late August 
Offer acceptance due  Mid-September (two weeks after offer) 
Second-round offers  Early October
Offer acceptance due  Mid-October (two weeks after offer)
Offers from October onwards  Weekly or when vacancies become available 

Before you start you will need:

  • access to your email (we suggest using a personal email address as some organisations may have a block preventing you from receiving the kindergarten offer via your work email address)
  • a copy of your child’s immunisation history statement. Please see examples below - children must be up to date with immunisations at time of enrolment.
    PLEASE NOTE – Maternal and Child Health Records cannot be accepted. This document can be downloaded from the MyGov website

Victorian Kindergarten Term Dates

Please click on link to view the Victorian Kinder terms -

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