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Why work at Latrobe City Council

Find your people

A career with LCC starts with a desire to go further. Here, you’ll really care about empowering our Community. You’ll get stuck into interesting and important work, and you’ll love seeing your impact, right in front of you. You’ll grow faster too.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our people say they get out of a career with us:

Empower a whole community... whatever the weather.

Working at LCC means serving our community and the visitors to our city. It’s why we exist. Our people get a lot of fulfilment from that, and we’re so proud of what we achieve each day. Of course, there are also harder days, and we can’t please everyone. But our people keep coming back, striving to do the job, the best we can. Do work that really matters, right here.

Experience variety … and a true learning culture.

What sets us apart from other employers? Our people often say it’s the varied work and the many opportunities to grow. We offer lots of training, secondments and other development. But it’s more than that. We want you to feel interested and invested in your work. And we know that by helping you enhance your career, we can enhance your impact on the Community. We want you to progress as we do. Grow faster, right here.

Care more, achieve more… and change minds.

If you believe the old stereotypes about council employees, come and meet our team - they’ll change your mind. Our people really care about their impact. They get stuck in and own it, and love to see the results. Here, you’ll work harder than many realise - sometimes without applause. But you’ll make all the difference. Strive with us and bust the myths, right here.

Find your people and your place. 

At LCC, you’ll find a team of good, hard-working people who want to help you. We're also passionate about being a supportive employer and a workplace where you can perform and belong. Our people give a lot, so we’re working hard to ensure they maintain a healthy balance. We’re also focusing more and more on people-first leadership across Council. We’re not perfect and there’s still work to do. But wherever we can, we want to start with trust and a two-way conversation. Connect and belong, right here.

Empower the Community

More reasons why

Our people-first journey

We’re so proud of all that Council has achieved over the years. But like any organisation, we’re continuing to evolve, and we still have challenges to overcome.

We know that council work isn’t always easy. It can be complex and sometimes political. We’re working to reduce the red tape, accelerate decision-making and streamline processes, for the benefit of our community and our teams.

We can’t please everyone, all the time. But our people work really hard, and we want them to be proud. So more than ever, we’re celebrating their efforts and achievements. We’re also listening to them about their experiences at Council so we can continue to grow, together.

Help us make the difference, right here.

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