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At LCC, you’ll find a team of good, hard-working people who want to help you. We're also passionate about being a supportive employer and a workplace where you can perform and belong. Our people give a lot, so we’re working hard to ensure they maintain a healthy balance. We’re also focusing more and more on people-first leadership across Council. We’re not perfect and there’s still work to do. But wherever we can, we want to start with trust and a two-way conversation. Connect and belong, right here.



Jade's Story

On Top of the World:

Can you remember the pure joy of climbing a tree when you were a child? Jade Christie can - and he experiences that joy today as part of our Tree Maintenance crew. From tree removal to roadside pruning, no day is the same for this hard worker, who is dedicated to keeping our streets, parks, and communities safe.


Eric's Story

Signposts to Success:

Eric Robinson craved a job close to home - one where he could learn new skills and achieve real results. Now, as Latrobe City Council’s Roads Engineer, all he needs to do to see his impact is to drive along our roads. And he’s got some exciting ideas for making them even better - and more sustainable.


Belinda's Story

Connection to culture: 

Safe, respected, connected. Three vital needs that must be met for every child to thrive. No one understands this more deeply than Belinda Crawford, Latrobe City Council’s Early Childhood Leader, who is dedicated to ensuring the First Nations children in our community get the best start in life.

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