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Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion aims to help people feel valued and provides opportunities to participate in their community.

It is about connecting with local communities, work mates, family and friends to build relationships and networks, addressing isolation and promoting social inclusion.

Disability Action Plan

The goal of the Latrobe City Disability Action Plan 2018-2021 is to ensure people with a disability have equitable access to infrastructure and services provided by Latrobe City, in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Each year we hold a community consultation to identify ways to improve the liveability of Latrobe City for people with a disability.   This consultation includes people with a disability and representatives from disability organisations.  Issues and possible actions identified are investigated and inform the development of Latrobe City’s annual Disability Action Plan.

Review the Latrobe Disability Action Plan 2018-2021, the Disability Action Plan - year three priorities 2020-2021, or the Easy English Latrobe Disability Action Plan 2018-2021.

Rural Access

The Latrobe City Rural Access project plays a vital role in the local community to respond to key issues identified by people with disabilities and their families. It draws on a broad range of resources to enable people with a disability to be included in the life of the community by:

  • Helping people and organisations to work together more effectively
  • Improving community understanding about the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities
  • Working with community organisations to develop policies and practices which are inclusive of people with disabilities
  • Developing and implementing projects which respond to needs and community priorities
  • Including the needs of people with a disability in future community planning
  • Supporting service providers to assist people with disability to live the sort of life they choose
  • Working out easy ways for people to access the information they need about services, community activities and issues.

Handy e-brochures

Accessible Gippsland - Inspiring Visitor Experiences(PDF, 5MB)

Gippsland boasts a diverse range of accessible visitor experiences that are welcoming and inclusive of people of all ages and abilities, people with a disability, seniors and parents with young children.

The ‘tradies’ and renovators guide to good access

This booklet is for renovators, builders and developers. It provides practical information about how access improvements to the built environment can meet the varying access needs of people

Mobility Maps

Mobility maps provide residents and visitors with information regarding safe and accessible pedestrian routes and the range of accessible facilities available within our region.

Recharge Points

A Recharge Point is a place where people can go to recharge their mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair when they are out in the community. People can recharge their battery when it is low and get home safely. The Recharge Scheme is a national scheme and you can find recharge points across Australia.

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