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Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct

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The Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct, located at Latrobe Regional Airport, has established systems capabilities to enable trial and testing of advanced air mobility technologies and craft.

The Precinct includes aviation facilities, high speed connectivity, access to areas for testing and trialling over a variety of environmental landscapes, along with oversight and support by qualified staff.

Operating with an unconditional Civil Aviation Safety Authority Licence V007, Latrobe Regional Airport consists of:

  • Two all weather runways
    • 03/21:1430 metres sealed to 23 metres wide and 09/27:gravel, 919 metres and 18 metres wide, and
    • a grass strip 03L/21R 537 metres,
  • PAPI
  • Pilot activated lighting (PAL) on 03/21,
  • Radio navigation aid, NDB,
  • Sealed apron,
  • Automatic weather information broadcast (AWIS),
  • AFRU beep back,

The Latrobe Regional Airport is home to Mahindra Aerospace, manufacturer of the only Australian built commercial aircraft. Mahindra Aerospace, formerly Gippsland Aeronautics, was established in 1977. There is an established aviation focussed workforce and skilled engineering capabilities in Latrobe City.

The Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct, is ideally located, only 150 kms east of Melbourne with direct freeway access. This is a council owned precinct. Potential tenants have access to a supportive local government, willing to discuss onsite incentives.

Existing facilities are available to lease on short or long term arrangements and use the precinct support facilities.

Vacant sites which are yet to be developed, are shovel ready with appropriate zoning in place, allowing businesses to build premises suitable to their individual requirements.


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Contact us 

To enquire about available opportunities at the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct, please contact:

Bruce Connolly - Economic and Transition Manager

0408 979 455

Alison Spence - Economic Investment and Transition Officer

0427 833 817

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