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  • Footpath Trading Permit

    We aim to ensure footpath trading is undertaken in a safe and well-regulated manner.We encourage you to book a time with our Business Approvals Officer who will organise a meeting with the required Council business units to discuss your requirements.

  • Permit to Busk

    A Permit to Busk is required if you intend playing a musical instrument and/or singing, conjuring, juggling, mime, mimicry, dance, puppetry, performance art, recitation and other appropriate, theatrical and visual activities that attempt to attract donation rather than a proscribed fee.

  • Septic Tank Permits

    It is your responsibility to apply for a septic system permit to undertake such works. Plans must be submitted for approval before works commence.

  • Disabled Parking Permits

    The new APP Scheme and online system will streamline the application process, making it easier, simpler and more consistent across the state. The new permit also will better align with the COAG 2010 Australian Disability Parking Permit Scheme (ADPS).

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