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Urgent Call for Rental Market

Media Release

Latrobe City Council is calling on property owners across Latrobe City to consider placing secondary properties on the rental market. 

Latrobe City is impacted by a shortage of permanent rental accommodation like many other regions across Victoria. 

Placing secondary residences on the long-term rental market can help to ease the housing shortage during a time of unprecedented market demand. 

Our 2021 census data demonstrates a continued movement to the area with an increase in resident numbers and new families calling Latrobe City home. 

Mayor of Latrobe City, Councillor Kellie O’Callaghan encouraged property owners to consider if they could assist with the current housing demand. 

“It is fantastic that we are welcoming many new community members to our City.  

“We’ve seen that many families are making the change to take advantage of our liveability, great community and our proximity to Melbourne and the wider Gippsland region. 

“However, with this demand comes increased pressure on our housing market – particularly for rentals.  

“We are hopeful that those who own properties that are currently not occupied may consider adding them to the rental market to assist during this time,” said the Mayor. 

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