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Recycle Your Clothes at Latrobe City Transfer Stations

Media Release

Latrobe City Council have introduced textile disposal chutes at their Transfer Stations to encourage residents to recycle their pre-loved or unwanted items of clothing.

Old clothes, shoes, home textiles, soft toys and underwear can be dropped off to any Council Transfer Stations, free of charge.

This initiative provides a recycling solution to end-of-life clothing that may not be suitable for donation.

There are currently four transfer stations in Latrobe City located at Morwell, Moe, Traralgon and Yinnar.

This service is being delivered in partnership with Upcycle4Better, an organisation that advocates for best practices in recycling that changes behaviours to positively impact climate change.

The chutes will play an important role in diverting textile materials from landfill and finding a way to repurpose the items.

By donating your old clothes, you can help to save up to 20 million tonnes of waste going to landfill each year.

Mayor of Latrobe City, Councillor Kellie O’Callaghan is supportive of this project because it will contribute to improving recycling habits and reducing waste in the community.

“This project provides an opportunity to improve waste management in our region, through implementing a new and innovative solution to divert different items of clothing from landfill,” said the Mayor.

“This benefits the community in the long-term because extra waste going to landfill shortens the lifespan of Council’s landfill facility and ultimately costs ratepayers money in having to build new landfill cells.

“Through taking small steps such as recycling clothes at one of our local transfer stations, our community are facilitating a social change that has potential to have a wide-scale impact on environmental sustainability.”

To view Council Transfer Stations locations, click here:

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