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Make life easier for your pets when you return to work

Our pets have formed even stronger bonds with us while we have been working from home or enjoying summer holidays.

With many Latrobe City residents now returning to work, pets may feel isolated and unsettled as they deal with the change.

Their emotional concerns may result in behavioural issues that can impact your own family and neighbours, such as by attempting escape, excessive barking and causing damage to property.

There are approximately 11,000 pets registered in Latrobe City and if those pooches, felines, bunnies and other creatures all start showing their emotions as we return to work, life maybe less than peaceful.

Monitor your pet for signs of stress. In dogs, this can include excessive howling or barking, drooling or panting, destroying objects or toileting inside. In cats, watch for animals hiding more than usual, toileting inappropriately, scratching, or experiencing changes in appetite and activity.

Here are some tips to help pet-owners ease the strain on their pets – and their neighbours – as they return to work.

  1. Establish a new daily routine that reflects your regular, non-pandemic routine. This will help reduce the amount of change your animal has to manage when you are at work. Be sure to include feeding, exercise, rest and one-on-one time.
  2. Give your pet some alone time and gradually spend less time with your them while at home. This can be as short as five minutes to start with and then gradually increased.
  3. Feed them outside or in another room away from you.
  4. Help your pet feel more secure at home. Create an area where pets can be left undisturbed.
  5. Spoil them with long-lasting treats to keep them entertained while you are at work.
  6. Consider leaving the TV on or playing music while you are at home and then have the same music on while you are away.
  7. Start your day by taking your pet for a walk, a run or play to wear them out.
  8. If it makes you feel better, have someone look after your pet when you return to work initially.
  9. Advise your neighbours that you are returning to work and ask them to let you know if your dog has been howling while you are away. This helps pet-owners to address excessive noise before Council officers are called to deal with the problem.

For more information about living pets in Latrobe City, visit Animals and Pets.

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