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Latrobe Regional Airport first in Australia to install unleaded aviation fuel

Media Release

Latrobe Regional Airport has announced the installation of AvPULP unleaded aviation fuel supplied by IOR Aviation at Latrobe Regional Airport.

Installation of unleaded aviation fuel marks a significant step forward in Council’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the health and safety of the community. The initiative aligns with the national efforts to reduce environmental impact on communities from Australian skies, following the successful introduction of IOR Aviation’s unleaded fuel offer.

Latrobe Regional Airport is the first airport in Australia to adopt IORs new unleaded aviation fuel, AvPULP, a key component in the Airport’s transition towards more environmentally friendly practices.

The installation will have many benefits to the environment, not only reducing environmental impacts associated with lead fuels but also enhancing operational efficiency and safety with a dedicated aviation unleaded fuel. The move is part of a broader strategy by Latrobe Regional Airport to support industry efforts to transition to greener and safer technologies.

Unlike unleaded automotive fuels in the aviation environment, which are dangerous and uncontrolled, AvPULP unleaded aviation fuel is only blended with compatible additives, resulting in higher-octane quality and energy content.

In addition to the installation of unleaded aviation fuel, the airport is undertaking further initiatives to develop alternative fuelled aircraft with the establishment of the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct.

Mayor of Latrobe City, Councillor Darren Howe, said that this shift towards greener technologies will have many positive impacts for the operations of Latrobe Regional Airport.

“The installation of unleaded aviation fuel demonstrates Latrobe Regional Airport’s commitment to transitioning to safe and environmentally friendly practices,” said the Mayor.

“Not only will this shift benefit our environment but will also cut costs associated with aviation lead fuels by up to 30%”.

IOR General Manager – Aviation, Bryce Morland, said that it’s great to have Latrobe Regional Airport and its users on board as early adopters of AvPULP and as champions for this innovative aviation fuel for their users.

“AvPULP is suitable for use in aircraft approved to use MOGAS, and its benefits lie in its superior aviation specification additives, handling, storage, filtration, and quality control,” said Bryce.

“In Aviation, safety is everyone’s highest concern and that’s where AvPULP makes a difference.”

AvPULP is now available at Latrobe Regional Airport for account holders and general aviation consumers.

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