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Latrobe City Council supporting better waste management

Latrobe City Council has introduced a Speciality Recycling Box to encourage residents to recycle beauty and household products. 

This service is in partnership with the Banish Recycling and Disposal Program (BRAD), a volunteer organisation which advocates for better practices in recycling habits to positively impact climate change. 

As only 4% of plastic that has been made goes into recycling, the BRAD program is trying to grow this number significantly.  

Council is making it easy for residents across the municipality to dispose of their products in an environmentally conscious manner, as an initial trial effort to raise awareness of the BRAD speciality box service.

Hard-to-recycle items can be collected by residents and deposited to Council Headquarters as well as both Moe and Traralgon libraries. 

Mayor of Latrobe City Council, Kellie O’Callaghan, is supportive of this project because it will contribute to improving recycling habits and reduce waste in the community. 

“This initiative provides an opportunity to shift the narrative on waste management in our region by offering an innovative solution to recycle different household and beauty items,” said the Mayor.

“Through taking small steps such as these to deposit hard-to-recycle items, our community is helping to facilitate a social change which has the potential to have a wide-scale impact on environmental sustainability.” 

“In our continual effort for better recycling practices, Council also provides special electronic waste deposit boxes at service centres in Churchill, Moe, Morwell and Traralgon where you can drop in items such as no longer used mobile phones or batteries.” 

For more information about BRAD speciality boxes, visit Councils website here:

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