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Storm and Flood Government Support FAQ

When will my clean-up start?

Registration for the Private Property Clean-Up program and assessment of dangerous trees is now open, and once you have registered, a BRV representative will make contact to discuss how the program works.

Do I need to be insured?

No. If you are eligible, you can participate in this program whether you were insured or not.

If I choose not to participate in the program, will I be able to have my clean-up reimbursed?

No. If you choose not to register for the program, you’ll need to make your own arrangements to have your property cleared by a licensed contractor and the waste disposed of safely. Neither you nor the contractor will be eligible to have those clean-up costs reimbursed.

I have already started clean-up on my property, what should I do?

If you have already begun clean-up works on your property and you meet the eligibility criteria, you are welcome to still contact BRV to register for the Storm and Flood Clean-Up program.

You can do this by visiting or phoning 1800 560 760.

Can I keep the timber that has fallen on my property?

BRV will approach the salvage, treatment and re-use of fallen and threatening trees flexibly. All timber will be assessed against criteria including cultural significance, available storage sites on the property and future risk.

The most important thing in any clean-up is always the safety of the community and the contractors undertaking the works.

In determining the arrangements for timber, BRV and Johns Lyng Group will seek to be guided by property owners and other stakeholders.

If the timber is able to kept by you, it will be left at an agreed location on your property.

If you have trees still standing on your property which, because of the storm event of 9 and 10 June, now pose a risk to a place of residence or personal safety, you can register for a professional assessment.

If you have wind thrown or fallen timber on your property, you can contact VicForests, a State-owned business that harvests, sells and regrows sustainable timber from Victoria’s native forests and may be able to process fallen timber.

Property owners can contact VicForests by emailing and detailing their location, how much timber is on their properties and dimensions.

Is the clean-up of public land part of the program?

We know that having safe access to public land will be important not only to the tourism sector, but also to ensure residents can have the ongoing connection to land and community that is so important to recovery.

The Clean-Up program will assess the scope and impacts to public land to provide recommendations for inclusion. We will be consulting closely with key stakeholders on this.

The immediate focus is on ensuring that private properties, both residential and commercial, can be cleaned up safely and efficiently.

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Phone: 1800 560 760

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