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Hazelwood House

Hazelwood House

Quantum Support Services has notified Latrobe City Council of its decision to withdraw from the purchase of Hazelwood House in Churchill.

The property, located at 59-91 Philip Parade, Churchill, was unanimously approved for sale to Quantum Support Services by Latrobe City Council during its September 2022 meeting, following an extensive expression of interest process initiated in 2021.

Latrobe City CEO Steven Piasente said Quantum advised Council of its decision in late September.

“Latrobe City Council has worked in collaboration with Quantum to support the organisation throughout the sale process,” Mr Piasente said.

Quantum Support Services Chief Executive Officer Natalie McDonald said despite discussions with potential partners who shared our vision, the timelines for realising these partnerships and completing the necessary due diligence and funding arrangements remained uncertain.

“This uncertainty poses challenges for our ability to move forward with the project,” Ms McDonald said.

“Hazelwood House presented a unique opportunity to provide a safe and supportive environment for youth in our community. Quantum expresses its sincere gratitude to Latrobe City Council for the opportunity to explore the possibility of bringing a Youth Foyer to Churchill.”

The next steps for Hazelwood House will be the subject of discussion and consideration by Latrobe City Council.



The property commonly referred to as Hazelwood House, located at 59-91 Philip Parade, sits on over 3.9 hectares of land in the growing Churchill community. The property operated until late 2019 as a residential aged care facility, at which time its size and age rendered it unviable.  Latrobe City Council agreed to purchase the site in April 2020 and remove the covenants that restrict the site to aged care and retirement purposes.

Council went through an Expression of Interest process in 2021 to find a suitable buyer for the property, with submissions reviewed against a range of criteria to understand the overall economic, social and community benefits.

At its meeting on 5 September 2022, after completion of a community engagement process Council unanimously resolved to sell the property to Quantum Support Services.

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