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An update on Medew Reserve in Traralgon

Council has received an application from a landowner to acquire Medew Reserve in Pepperdine Court in Traralgon. Council has not made a decision regarding the request and is currently undertaking an internal process to determine if the land is surplus to Council requirements in accordance with the Sale of Council Owned Property Policy.

In the event that the request to acquire the reserve is supported a public report would be presented to a future Council meeting. Should this occur the online petition and Facebook page opposing the sale would be referenced as part of the public report.

If Council was to support the proposal to acquire the reserve Council would give public notice of its intention to sell the land and seek public comment in accordance with Section 114 of the Local Government Act 2020.

The Property and Commercial team has spoken to the lead petitioner, who has established the petition and Facebook page, and have explained the above process.

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