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Community Satisfaction Survey 2022-23 Results

Each year Latrobe City Council participates in the Local Government Community Satisfaction survey, led by the Victorian Government. A total of 66 of the 79 Victoria Council’s participated in the 2023 survey.

JWS Research act on behalf of the Victorian Government to interview a sample of 400, adult Latrobe City community members to ask them about their satisfaction with the services Council provide.

Overview of Results

Latrobe City Council has recorded strong results, scoring 59 from a possible score of 100 in overall Council performance. This is above the state-wide average of 56 and above the average for regional centres of 56.

The core measures scored in the survey include:

  • Overall performance
  • Community consultation and engagement  
  • Lobbying on behalf of the community
  • Decisions made in the interest of the community  
  • Condition of sealed local roads
  • Customer service  
  • Overall Council direction

Compared to the group (regional) average, Council performed significantly higher by the widest margin in Arts centres and Libraries, Recreational Facilities and Waste Management. 

Compared to the group average, Council’s performance was significantly lower by the widest margin in the areas of Parking Facilities, Local Streets and Footpaths and Consultation and Engagement. 

Council will use this information to review our current services and work to continue improving the level of service provided to our community members.

The survey data is compiled and reported back to Council via report. Link to full report here.

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