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Sarah Jane Duncan

Sarah Jane Duncan is a dark romance author, with her debut, the Heavy Hearts Series. Sarah lives in the beautiful Gippsland region in Victoria, Australia, with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-hubby and three grown children. She has a very close relationship with her young adult children, who are more like her best friends. When she’s not busy writing, Sarah can be found sewing dance costumes for her daughter or helping her hubby in their family business. Sarah writes about females who have to fight against the odds to find their power, find their voice, and find their truth. The heroines in Sarah’s stories possess the strength that only comes when you have to fight for your life!


Extract from Heavy

I tried hiding my vile truth, hoping no one would notice the darkness that has me teetering on the edge. He notices, though. He sees past my mask and straight into my soul.

Lexi’s facade of happiness, confidence, and control is cracking with every day that passes when her half brother moves in. She’s never told anyone what he’s really like. With a mum who self medicates and a dad that is more absent than not, she doesn’t feel like she’ll ever be able to reveal the truth.  Right as Lexi starts to spiral out of control making reckless choices, the cousin of her childhood friend moves to town and sees what everyone else hasn’t- a tortured soul crying out for help.

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